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Memorial Day, A Time To Remember!

“Those we love don’t go away, they walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard, but always near; still loved, still missed and very dear.” – Anonymous

We traveled and saw the world, this picture below is from our twenty-two-day cruise from LA to Hawaii and on to Midway (which is one of the Hawaiian islands!) and back.  We walked the entire island and thought about how it must have felt to be so isolated with the Japanese Navy capable of attacking anytime.  They were very brave men who fought for us so many years ago and kept the island in American hands thus enabling the Battle Of Midway to be the turning point in the war.

Wall-to-wall birds, Laysan Albatross, and they were untouchable!

Sue was eager to explore the island so off we went, as fast as her little feet would carry her.  We had a wonderful experience on that voyage and still talk to people we met there over a decade ago.  I miss her little smile and “let’s go get ’em” attitude.  I love you Sue!

We did a lot of remembering on that visit!

Did you Know? Midway is roughly equidistant between North America and Asia. Midway Atoll is an unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States. Midway continues to be the only island in the Hawaiian archipelago that is not part of the state of Hawaii.

The Japanese used many unique identifiers throughout the war, but in early 1942 they had no idea that the Americans had broken their top secret code. The only problem the Americans had was that they had no idea what AF meant. They knew it was a location, but where? In order to find out, the commander on Midway Island was told to send a message that their Water Purification plant was not working. Within days, Japaneses coded messages started to state the AF was getting thirsty. By May the Americans knew AF was Midway Island.

Sue made me biscuits and gravy, vegetarian style, several times and they were excellent but today I made them using Jimmy Dean Hot Spicy Sausage.  As I was frying up the pork sausage, it looked a tad dry so I decided to add in a teaspoon of bacon grease before adding the flour.  It was a good call as the flour was all used up and there was still a little moisture remaining.  I added two cups of regular milk and a lot of pepper.  Now it was time to stir and get all the goodies off the bottom of the frying pan!

It’s almost like I can cook, next time I am going to sift the flour.

I had the biscuits baking in the oven below and I timed it just right, biscuits out and in the plate when the gravy was ready! There was some gravy remaining so it in the refrigerator awaiting another morning where it will join some freshly baked biscuits!

The biscuits were perfect and made more perfect with the addition of the gravy.

I sat down, took my time, and enjoyed the meal!  I love cooking! This morning was not exactly a healthy Mel but what the hay?  Once in awhile I must do what I must do!

Cranberry juice and B&G, a wonderful way to start the day!

After breakfast, I did a stint in the garden watering everything and picking some blackberries as dessert.  While I was out there I used my sprayer and gave the plants a little boost with Miracle Grow.  It looks like the tomatoes are getting ready to start turning which means I will be outside every morning picking and grinning.

So good and an excellent side for almost any meal!

My son, Joe, and grandson, Charlie, dropped by and delivered a TV for my office.  Now, I can watch TV and use the computer at the same time!.  We talked for a while and I showed them my bathroom remodel project as it was just getting underway.  Charlie likes the blackberries I have in the backyard.  He went picking and I only heard one “Ouch!”, now he knows about berry stickers.

I decided to park the carcass in the front patio and have a glass of wine before Bob and Robin arrive.  When they showed up, I was konked-out, perhaps getting my beauty-sleep?  I needed the rest I guess!

Enjoying the patio before the kids arrive. 73 degrees, just right!

When Robin and Bob arrived, they announced the Gourmet Pie Company is open for business, across from Costco on Katella.  We went before anyone else found out.  Success, we walked right in, which was amazing, because normally, the line to get in is a mile long!

What is this? A menu? What do you do with it? I am so confused!

I could not understand our waitress as she was wearing a mask so I ordered a glass of water with one, and only one, ice-cube in it, guess what I got?  One glass of water with one ice-cube.  She was wonderful! I did not recognize her but I was sure I knew her, she had worked there for ten years.

Ordering was easy, I did “The Chili Size” which is “Uncle Joe’s Famous Chili” smothering an open-faced burger and covered with cheese and onions. I ordered extra onions and onion rings ta boot!  I got it with a garden burger to attempt to control the calories.

Did You Know?  What is known for sure is that the chili size was developed in Los Angeles at a place named Ptomaine Tommy’s. In business from 1913 until 1958 at 2420 N. Broadway, Ptomaine Tommy’s was the largest and best-known chili parlor in town. Reportedly, movie stars such as Mae West and Mary Pickford were regulars, devoted to Tommy de Forest’s chili. Other newcomers like Chili John’s in Burbank (established in 1946 and still in business) have sprung up since then with their own version of the chili size, but Ptomaine Tommy’s was the original.

Tommy de Forest, a local restauranteur, claimed the invention of the chili size in the 1920s. His specialty was hamburgers, so he looked for a way to make a different burger for his diners. As the legend has it, he had a few ladles that he used to spoon the chili into bowls. When a customer wanted straight chili, he used the large ladle and the order was served. On the hamburger, however, he used the small ladle, calling that “hamburger size”. And finally, he came up with a variation, serving the larger amount of chili over an open-faced burger and then covered it with cheddar cheese and chopped onions. This open-faced sandwich was henceforth referred to as “chili size”, and sold for 20 cents as opposed to the chili burger for 15 cents. Soon, people all over Los Angeles were asking for a chili size, or sometimes ordering just the straight chili in a bowl as a “bowl of size”. By the time Tommy de Forest closed up his restaurant in 1958 due to financial difficulties, the chili size was a popular item all over the West Coast.

Yummy! The onions were perfect!

When I was served, I forgot what I asked for and Bob gently reminded me with quick use of his index finger. As usual, I got exactly what I asked for!

I wondered what it was and Bob reminded my of what I ordered. Serves me right!

Bob took most of the rings as I am watching my girlish figure.  They make great ring toss devices.  The people at the bar, sitting six feet apart, did not appreciate the occasional landing of the ring-toss devices on their straws.  They are lucky that I am good at this game!

Neat, we got ringtoss toys while we waited for our food.

After harassing the waitress, she asked me to put on the mask so she could avoid talking to me (good idea).  I forgot my mask, so she assisted me with a PPE outfit. She didn’t even offer to cut air holes in the bag?  I wonder why?

She said I should wear a mask but I forgot mine so….

Robin and Bob made my day by joining me for dinner!  We had a good time and shared our many adventures here with Sue.  Right after Sue passed, Robin and I came here as we had been up all night in the ICU.

Fun with family

We all returned home and dived into a mixer full of Strawberry margarita’s while sitting in the patio talking.  A lovely afternoon it was.  We called Colleen but had to call her back as she was out and about, this time at the ER with Mark who apparently had a bad reaction to something in the yard?

The kids departed and I checked the house making sure all was cleaned up. I checked on the new TV and while it is working, the FireStick seems to be malfunctioning?  It just continues to cycle over and over.  I have another one on order as I am planning a TV in the shop so I will use it before I call Zack for help!

Time for a shower and climb into bed and watched a little TV.  Tonight I watched three episodes of Haven.  Summary: FBI Agent Audrey Parker arrives in Haven, Maine, on what she believes is a routine assignment. But the longer she stays, the more curious she becomes — about the townspeople, who seem to be beset by a range of supernatural afflictions; about the town itself, which contains many secrets; and about her own surprising connection to this strange place.

After watching this, I pulled the covers over my head, left the lights on, and kept my flashlight nearby!

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