Sunday Has Arrived Right On Schedule!

Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened. – Dr. Seuss

Thirty-plus years ago, Sue brought me an advertisement from the local paper about a “Christmas Play” at a dinner theater in Montclaire.  It looked interesting, so we went.  The next year, we added our mothers; we had a ball.  The following year we added my aunts and cousin, we continued to have fun.  The following year, we added some friends from work; it got to be a happy experience.

At the peak, we brought over one-hundred people as our guests.  Sue had a plan.  We gave “memories” for Christmas and not “stuff.”  Memories can’t be taken away, and they can be easily shared across the miles!  She always thought of others and loved her family and friends.  Not a minute goes by where I am not thinking about Sue and the fabulous life Sue provided me.  I love you!

Christmas was Sue’s favorite because it brought family and friends together.

Well, today was the loneliest day I have had yet.  I got up at 7:00 AM and called New Hampshire immediately since I was out-of-touch yesterday.  We chatted for a while.  Then I spent some more time looking at bathroom remodels because this week, I am going to start demolition of the hallway bathroom.  After the demolition gets completed, I am going to determine if I can do the job myself or hire someone to install the shower and do the tile jobs needed.  It looks like I will also replace the floor.  It will take 60 days, at least.

Breakfast was needed after my second cup of coffee, so I went to the garden and got the necessary berries.  I have cereal with my berries, not the other way around!

So very good when they are fresh, from bush to bowl in three minutes flat!

I worked in the office for two hours, going through old cookbooks and throwing stuff out.  It is easy to get behind in paperwork, but I am all caught up now!

Last night with Amy and Joe (and everyone) was a load of fun, so I sent a note to Amy thanking her for her gracious hospitality.  I feel lucky to have her as a daughter-in-law.

Amy has a birthday 1/13/2015

Speaking of last night, I decided I needed to wash my tennis shoes since I am playing golf again.  Well, I washed them, no problem.  But when they went into the dryer, every three minutes, one of the shoes would hit the dryer door just right, and the dryer door would open, and the dryer would stop.  I think they got 20 minutes in the dryer before I threw up my hands (which were held tightly on my ears) and turned off the dryer.

This morning, bright and early, all three pairs landed by the pool where the morning sun would dry them, and in the afternoon, I moved them to the front patio.  By 6:00 PM, they were dry! After a not-so-careful examination, I ordered three more pair from Amazon!

Note to self, ask one of the ladies how they wash/dry tennis shoes!

Speaking of daughters-in-law, Lisa called today as she somehow sensed I was lonely.  We talked about cooking, and the fact San Diego restaurants are beginning to open up, so during the two weeks starting June 2nd, I plan to pop down there and have lunch or dinner with them.

Lunch was about 2:00 PM, and I decided it would be chicken over garlic parmesan spaghetti, slightly modified.

It was quite yummy!


Modified, you ask? Well, when they say garlic, I usually triple the amount as I love garlic! The dinner for two so I plated, and vacuum-sealed the other half. That will feed me tomorrow and then I have Black Bean & Poblano Flautas for tomorrow night’s dinner!

The chicken was getting cooked with a healthy supply of Tuscan spices appropriately applied. I remembered this time to turn the heat way down because of the power of my stove-top.

I always set the table just like Sue and I would do, complete with candles and nice wine.  Setting the table was one of my duties so I know where all the silverware goes and proper order of forks, etc.

Plated and served complete with REAL wine and candles at lunchtime!

The Roma tomatoes, sliced into six sections, were roasted at 425 degrees on a baking sheet for 25 minutes.  The parmesan cheese was the last thing added, and it was in process of melting as I snapped the picture.

The closeup shot shows the roasted tomatoes, which with the salt/pepper/Tuscan spices and parmesan cheese were delicious.

Did You Know? Roma is a classification of tomatoes that is also commonly known as a paste, plum, pear, processing, saladette or sauce type tomato. Varieties in this category are characteristically meatier and less juicy than other types of tomato, which makes them ideal for canning, sauces, salsa, and dehydrating.
A Roma tomato is a paste tomato and generally has a thicker fruit wall, fewer seeds, and a denser but grainier flesh. Roma tomatoes tend to be oblong in shape and heavy for their size. They also tend to be more firm than a non-Roma. While they can be eaten raw, they are at their best when they are cooked.

Roaster romas are just chucked with flavor!

The La Crema was vintage 2017, so it was perfect and tasted good with the chicken.  I liked the smell of the lemon sugar cookie candles. I no longer gobble down my meals, I take time like I used to do with Sue.  We would sit at the table for an hour and talk every night.

Yes, I went for the good stuff today. I was lonely to La Crema put a smile on my face.

After clean up from lunch, me and the Silver Ghost did a “Lowe’s” run as I was after another nine-foot umbrella.  Summer must be here, Lowe’s was entirely out of umbrellas.  They had a big selection last week; I was too late!

Returning home, I decided to forego walking today as I am 193 pounds, and I can give up a day of walking.  I cleaned out my golf bag and found six cans of sunscreen in it.  Sue ALWAYS took good care of me and made sure I was covered top to bottom with sunscreen before I went out to play. I had no ideas she had that many cans in my golf bag!  I had to laugh!

Roger Dunn may have my clubs ready tomorrow, and if they do, I am taking the bag and clubs for a four-mile walk late in the day!

Connor and I talked for a while and we plan to get together this week as I feel pretty safe now.  Zack called to check up on me, and we talked for a while.  I got a tour of the freshly painted kitchen cabinets and the new master bedroom closet.  I was able to suggest something to Zack about sealing a casing crack; I love it when I can share my accumulation of knowledge with the younger set!

Tomorrow I may see Robin and Bob as they have nothing planned since Disneyland is closed! Now it is 10:30 PM, and that means I am going to count sheep, or watch TV, whichever puts me to sleep the fastest!

Good night all!

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