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Make Up Your Mind! It Rained This Morning!

Why don’t sheep shrink when it rains?

Hard to believe but the holiday season starts in a couple of months!
It’s later than you think!!!

Up at the crack of dawn (if dawn in 6 AM) and busily working on the Starlighter’s Website when it sounded like rain on the patio. Can’t be! It’s supposed to be in the mid 80’s today. An inspection revealed that indeed, it was raining. We got about 11.5 micro-inches but enough to wet down all the concrete and make splashes in the pool!

Then, minding my own business, my butt vibrated! Say what? I must remember not to put the iPhone on my back pocket when I am sitting! Gazing at the “cellular vibrator”, a message from Nest was seeking my attention. OMG, the black cat had entered our domain! What is he doing at 6:14 AM?

Spot the cat on the wall?

Twenty minutes later the humidity shot up 30% so we are in for a warm-wet day. Sue and I took a vote and we decided to stay home…not go to the OC Fair…wet smelly animals are not what I wanted to smell at the fair! I wanted BBQ smells!

Wow! We keep both close at hand!

Into the shop I went and did some serious rearranging. First the standup freezer was emptied of everything and it got turned off. The freezer is in the back of the garage now and will remain empty until we give it away…too bad as it is only about seven years old and works great!

Honk honk… The UPS delivery man is here for today’s early Christmas presents from Amazon! The new t-short was there, a 6 foot air hose extension, Sue’s makeup, four cans of Barkeepers Friend, a bag of air couplings, and a right-angle 1/4″ air coupling. Thanks you Santa…just what we wanted! Amazon says we placed 223 orders in 2019 so far!

I could NOT pass this one up!!!

We spent almost 40 minutes on the Bat Phone with Colleen catching up on everything. Her heat spell has slowed down and ours is gradually getting less and less. She is going to her daughter’s new home for a “house warming party” this weekend and she is bringing a surprise…all of the grandkids toys which was in her front room since the kids departed. Excellent idea!

We did lunch at home and I finished off the burger from last night…damn, it was good!

Then, into the garage I went doing some serious reorganizing. I found my ceramic drill bits and immediately took care of a job I had for several months…made drain holes in two ceramic pots.

I listened to Rush Limbaugh and this visual came to mind!

The liberals are horrible for putting this old geezer up in front of the world and
turning the “witch hunt” over to political biased lawyers…shameful!

We watched some TV in the afternoon and then got ready to dine with Mitch, our son in law, at 5:00 PM at the Himalayan Grille. Our security alarm went off again while getting ready and it indicated the back yard was being burglarized…so I peeked. The Frito Bandito was in the yard picking pepper, tomatillos and tomatoes.

Remember him???

Did You Know? The Frito Bandito was the cartoon mascot for Fritos corn chips from 1967 to 1971. The Bandito was created by the Foote, Cone & Belding Agency, and animated by Tex Avery. The character was voiced by Mel Blanc, who used an exaggerated Mexican accent not unlike another character of his, Speedy Gonzales. The Frito Bandito spoke broken English and robbed people of their Fritos corn chips, a reference to the “Mexican bandit” stereotype in Western movies.

Pressure from the National Mexican-American Anti-Defamation Committee and others prompted an update to the character; his gold tooth and stubble were eliminated and his hair combed. The character was retired in 1971.

Complete with a shopping bag…. such nerve!
(It was our very dear neighbor Vicky who is ALWAYS welcome in our garden!!)

Since the “bandito” was here, I quickly did an avocado count after she left. It’s a long story!

All avocado’s were accounted for!

Once I knew who it was, it was time to finish getting ready. We arrive at the Himalayan Grill about ten minutes late but Mitch had our favorite booth staked out already! He had arranged for his special meal with the waiter. Mitch loves the Indian food as do we!

We asked for hot… we got our wish! It was indeed hot!

Mitch had Garlic Chicken Tikka while I did the Chili Chicken Tikka…about the same but I had a little more heat! It was so good! Trying to keep with my diet, I only ate half and that, by the way, was plenty. You know, Indian food does NOT have to be spicy at all…just order it with no spices and you get a fairly bland meal.

Chili-Chicken Tikka… Hot Hot Hot!

After dinner, the waiter brought out the cook…she seemed bashful so I asked if she spoke English. With a fine English accent she stated she was born and raised in England and cooking has been he passion for years. We both laughed as the last female cook they had did not speak English at all and was here on a guest visa for a year.

Sue ordered vegetarian dishes and they are always outstanding,,,especially the spinach!

We then proceeded to the Phoenix Club where we danced until about 9:30 PM when I pooped out…too much heat today! We returned home and watched TV and had our tookies. In fact, we both crashed at 11:15 PM and were sound asleep by midnight…a record!

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