Tis The Week Of Thanksgiving!

Never laugh at your wife’s choices… your one of them!

The week of Thanksgiving used to be busy busy busy as we had twenty-five or more over and we would slave in the kitchen all week!  We remember once, Sue had to work the entire week and Aunt Kaye and I had to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner!  The phone lines between our home and work got a good workout!  Sue was amazed that it turned out!  That had to be 1992 or 1993.

One of the great things, now, about out website. is we can go back in time and see what happen and who it happed to! Welcome to Thanksgiving  2000, eighteen years ago!

These days, we take the simple way out and go to Old Ranch Country Club, usually about 10-12 of us, and have them do the work!  We actually get our own turkey and cut it up so it’s a little like home! Who will do the carving this year?  We will have to see!

Random Memories:  Going back 60 years, I remember Thanksgiving in Paramount with my Aunts.  They would work all day in a kitchen about the size of our guest bathroom and out of the little kitchen would come the greatest turkey’s ever served.  I believe to this day it was the love put into the cooking process that made the turkey’s taste so good!  Of course, while the turkey was cooking my cousin Claudia and me would turn the ol’ ice cream crank while Dad would add salt and ice to the bucket.  We knew dessert would be special!

The turkey was always huge!

Sue read and stayed inside where it is warm.  I went to the wine store and dropped by the hardware store to get some waterproofing spray paint.  I put a tarp over our outside glider-swing and it is amazing that in four months, the Sun baked away the coating.  I fool the rain this time because I put two layers of plexiglass on the swing so even if the tarp gets wet, the swing will stay dry!

We stopped doing chores early as we had to head for Melanie’s (Malarkey’s) in Long Beach for our normal Monday afternoon sunset watch with Irene.

The sunset was actually quite interesting

We sat around the solved the world’s problems for a couple of hours, devouring a pizza in the process!

Crazy Greg called and decided to join us at home for a visit.  He asked our Alexa to play “Windom Hill Holiday Guitar Collection” and it was fantastic!  Great music and a perfect background for this evenings converation.

We did do tookies before crashing at about midnight!

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