Saturday; Another Day At The Theater

If you had friends like mine, you’d be the luckiest guy in the world!

Well… I was going to walk today but the grocery list had mile and ice cream on it so I decided to motor my way to Ralph’s.  I used Alexa’s shopping list and you know, it works well IF you put onto the list what you need.  I drove all the way to Ralph’s, through the blinding snow and wild animals, only to forget the milk… I didn’t put it on the list!

She is quite helpful around the house!

Today was pretty restful as I “worked” in the shop.  I use PVC pipe to water the veggie garden and finally decided to paint the PVC as the white pipe was an eyesore!  So, I sandpapered 40 feet of PVC with 220 grit paper, wiped it down with acetone, and the spray painted it brown to match the ground.  It really looked pretty good and was not easily visible from a distance.

No longer a horrible white!

Love having the shop and I am finally getting to know where I put everything!

I needed a small project so I tested out my new circle cutter as several of the wind chimes had broken.  I had a spare piece of maple in the wood pile so I cut a 5″ diameter circle from it…worked just fine!  So now I need to go to the store and get some 8″ diameter maple or other wood that’s good for outdoors and made the circles for the chimes.  I ordered weatherproof 1mm parachute string yesterday from Amazon so by mid-week, I will have everything I need!

Works like a champ but you do need a drill press!

We got ready to go out this evening to see a Neil Diamond tribute at  the Cerritos Performing Arts Center.  A lof of the “gang” was there including the Roberts, Kuhn, Zaitz, Branders and Irene plus Nancy.  We went to dinner at the  Arte Cafe first and then over to the theater where we had great seats!  It was a good show although most of his music was not for me…everyone else seemed to enjoy it.

It was a super evening with friends and we are blessed to our friends!

We got home and decided to stay up late since the time changes tomorrow and we lose an hour anyway.  I love the digital world because half od our time keeping devices change on their own…I just have four wall clocks, a grandfather clock and the microwave plus two radios to do!

We watched a little TV and then crashed!  We felt sorry for the stone movers!

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