I’ve Never Met A Friday I Didn’t Like!

Indeed it is!

Friday it is and only a couple of days until Easter.  We must go through the checklist before the day begins as the weekend may be frantic!

Ah, the walk… Needed to relax!  Paul was all over the map today as he saw a new street not traveled recently, he traveled it!  The weather was magnificent so walking was really fun and it was warm!

All over the map this morning

As Paul passed a rock pond, he was accosted by two frogs! They seemed so happy and then Paul figured out why  frogs so happy? They eat whatever bugs them!  Duh!  Paul departed the area but left them with a parting shot!  “What’s white on the outside, and green on the inside? A frog sandwich!” They had a worried look on their faces!

You are being watched

Another half-mile and Easter was out in full bloom. Eggs, Bunnies, Chicks!  They were quite talkative and as you are well aware, Paul speaks fluent Bunny, Egg, and Peep!

The Bunny asked “How did the  Easter Bunny dry himself? With a hare dryer, silly boy!”

The Eggs asked “Why shouldn’t you tell an egg a joke? Because it might crack him up!”

And finally the Peep asked “Why did the Easter egg hide? Because he was a little chicken!”

Hello! My name is Bugs!

Paul had to keep walking after that exchange!  The neighbors were staring out their windows.  The next sight was bougainvillea which was a brilliant pink.  You are seeing a small piece of the plant that was about two stories tall engulfing a garage and working it’s way to the roof of the second floor.  A magnificent specimen!

This is my true color!

But did you know, it’s not the flowers (which are small and white) that make this plant so colorful, it’s actually the magenta bracts. Bracts of a Bougainvillea, differ in color from the non-bract leaves, and attract pollinators. The flowers are just tiny and white. Have a closer look!

The little white thing is the flower!

Ah, what would a walk be without a calla lily?

Did You Know? Contrary to its name, the calla lily is not actually a true lily. Sometimes known as the pig lily, trumpet lily, or arum lily, the calla lily begins to blossom in late spring. It is an extremely unique flower that has been sought after for centuries, not only for its beauty but for the different meanings behind it.

The name calla lily is derived from a Greek word meaning beauty. It is native to Africa and though it is famous for its delicate appearance, it is a remarkably resilient flower that has been known to survive frost and can continue to grow in water. Although calla lilies are most commonly white, they also come in a variety of different colors. The colored varieties are called mini calla lilies and come in such colors as yellow, pink, purple, green, black and orange. Each color calla lily has its own meaning or connotation. For example, pink represents admiration and appreciation while purple denotes passion and is a color often associated with royalty. The color white usually represents purity and innocence, making white calla lilies a very popular flower choice for wedding bouquets.

Because the calla lily blossoms in late spring, they have come to represent rebirth and youth. Additionally, the cone-like flowers often play a role in the Christian holiday of Easter as a symbol of Jesus’ resurrection. The calla lily has been depicted in many different paintings and works of art throughout history with the Virgin Mary or the Angel of Annunciation and as such, the calla lily is also associated with holiness, faith and purity. They are also often the perfect choice for wedding decorations because they are traditional symbols of marital bliss, true devotion and divinity. Calla lilies have also been used at funerals to represent the purification of the departed soul and sympathy. Given their history and different connotations, calla lilies are the perfect choice for occasions that involve new beginnings, rebirths or major transitions.

After all, it is Easter

Finally returning home Paul and Sue had breakfast and then Paul went on a search for the elusive Easter boxes.  He forgot to label them last year so they turned up in the last place he decided to look, in the garage overheads!  Three large boxes of wooden eggs, stuffed bunnies,  Easter signs, and other assorted decorations!  Down they came and in they went! They shall decorate once again! Time for a random thought…

Random Thought:  Paul’s mom was indeed an artist who would tackle anything.  In the late 1950’s she went through her “artifical flower” phase and produced beautiful flowers out of the most interesting materials.   By the end of this phase, she had made almost every kind of flower known to man at that time.  Our home was flowers on every table!  Dad, NOT an artist, would assist my suggesting some of the materials she would us but mostly types of wire and glues… He was a construction guy!

This though came to mind when Paul saw the calla lily’s.  Georgia made calla lily’s out of crepe paper, silk, and other materials she had squirrel around the house.  When Mom went to work, she was amazing.  One Easter, she made about ten calla lily bouquets for her sister-in-laws and friends around the neighborhood.  If memory serves me correctly, she spent a lot of time developing her technique and she did NOT have You Tube to show her how.  She had a book and a friend who would share artistic ideas with her,  The flowers were beautiful!

Artificial Calla Lily under construction

In the later afternoon we finally found another series to watch,”Hart Of Dixie”. Hart of Dixie is an American comedy-drama television series that aired on The CW from September 26, 2011 to March 27, 2015. The series, created by Leila Gerstein, stars Rachel Bilson as Dr. Zoe Hart, a New Yorker who, after her dreams of becoming a heart surgeon fall apart, accepts an offer to work as a general practitioner in the fictional Gulf Coast town of Bluebell, Alabama.

An odd collection of characters!

We tried many others but within 10 minutes they were either swearing like sailors,  jumping in and out of bed, or had other socially non-redeeming scenes.  “Hart Of Dixie” was just a good old fashioned dramedy (drama and comedy).

Time to get cleaned up and go… Off to the GG Elks for dinner and dancing.  We met up with the Zaitz and Branders and had a great evening.  We did not dance a lot but we did chat.  Paul  has a chefs salad before departing for the evening to return to the next episode of “Hart Of Dixie”.

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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