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If Today Were 2/22/2022 Would It Be Twosday?

Oops!  Paul better get some new batteries!

Wazz up today? Not too much!  Paul did the normal morning walk picking up the pace a bit from yesterday!  We can sure tell it is almost Easter in the “hood” as the decorations are coming out more and more every day! Bunnies galore and eggs everywhere!

Walking toward 200 miles!

It nice to see people displaying their faith out in the open!  Love the crosses!  In spite of the lefties we still have a lot of people who believe… It’s a good thing!

Nice to see people are proud

Bunnies seem to be everywhere and some just “hang out” or hide in eggs!  Paul thought you were NOT supposed to hold bunnies by their ears?

Watch out for the bunnies!

As Paul was walking along, he heard something saying “Let me outta here!”.  There they were, attempting to escape a front yard and make it to the sidewalk going right through the white iron bars!

Mass escape underway!

Paul loves the walks… Time to think about random stuff and sure enough, another random memory occurred!

Random Memories: Back to the 1950’s and Easter time.  When Easter vacation was underway, Paul worked at the dime store.  Easter time was fun because “someone” HAD to make the Easter baskets and, of course, Paul volunteered!  It’s a tough job selecting the proper basket, putting in newspaper on the bottom and covering that with fake grass… Not the kind we have today put shredded plastic.

Then come the Easter candies and eggs and even Peeps.  Of course, for safety, every 10th piece of candy HAD to be quality checked by the basket maker.   Quality checking means the piece has to be devoured (chomped on, swallowed, and savored)!

The chocolate bunnies were a more difficult challenge. Paul decided he would take one bite out of one chocolate bunny that he put in front of him each time he used a chocolate bunny on a basket… Seemed fair! At the end of the second day, there were three empty cartons where chocolate bunnies used to live.  Someone’s tummy was full of chocolate!


Paul can remember after going home on the second day of making the Easter baskets he had a belly ache that would not quit!  Mom and Dad knew exactly what was going on so the next day Paul was relegated to the retail floor to help restock things… He was fired from the basket making assignment… Too much of the profits were disappearing!

Now it’s off to the doctor to see how the ulcer is going.  The appointment went fantastic.  Dr. Drake declared victory with the caveat that Sue needs to continue the Prilosec (antacid) for another few weeks to make sure! We were quite happy!

So to celebrate, we decided to go out to dinner and we headed for Taco Surf for some Mexican delights but alas, no bueno!  The place was overflowing!  We drove by two other places and they were overflowing.  Good gosh, 7:00 PM is a good time to sell food, perhaps we ought sell baloney sandwiches on the corner for dinner time… No one cooks.

We ended up at CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) as it is always quite good.  Sue got their green pea soup and ordered a pizza while Paul again ordered the Mexican Street Corn!

Sue got the pizza… Also looks great!

Paul dug into the street corn and it was so good, he had Sue do the forensics (forensics? Yeas, it was a good crime) on the content! (Sue is an expert at recreating meals… She reads the contents, does a taste or two, and then voila, the next day creates a copy or an improved copy!

Good grub!!

Click on the picture to see a better size. The cheeses were just perfect.  Feta and Parmesan were sprinkled throughout the corn.  Tomorrow perhaps we will attempt to open Dr. Frankenstein’s kitchen and create life out of the ear of corn Paul bought at the market!

Paul loves the Street Corn

OK… It’s 8:00 P<M and time to go home and watch Grey’s Anatomy.  We predict Thursday we will have caught up with he current season and then what will we do? On the good side, if that is all we have challenging us… It is good!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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