Hello Monday! We Are Ready For You Today!

Ah… The good old 1950’s! We remember them well!

It be Monday and time to start the week! One of our bed sheets had a tear in it.  The sheet  is fancy as it goes on the bed which has independent controls for height on either side and therefore is split halfway down.  Anyway, it needed to go to the laundry hospital!  Paul popped in the car, turned on the red lights and siren, and dashed to the cleaners.  No gurney was available so Paul dragged it inside and explained the emergency to the trauma doctor!  All will be well, he carefully explained, stating that major surgery required, just a patch.  (Paul has been watching too much Grey’s Anatomy!)

While out, Paul stopped at the market to get five dozen eggs for the Easter egg coloring we plan of Saturday.  This year we are going to color some brown eggs just to see how it works! When he got back into the car, the dashboard temperature said 50 degrees….  Almost as cold as a well diggers butt (a phrase Paul borrowed from his mother!).

It was cold!

After returning home, Paul started his walk around the hood. Outfitted in a nice pair oa jeans and a jean jacket to protect him from the cold, he headed out with Rush Limbaugh on the cellphone and a tune in his heart!  Sue was hungry so Paul was determined to make it an hour and he came pretty close!

Exactly one hour (and three minutes)

The sky was cloudless and a deep blue this morning!  No little visitors today, poo!  Usually Paul gets to stop and visit a pooch or two along the route but alas, we were pooch less this morning.  This tree was brilliant in the bright sun and he wanted his picture taken… Yes, Paul speaks fluent tree!

Love Springtime

We had a nice breakfast and Paul made the hard-boiled eggs with only four getting cracked!  We watched some Grey’s Anatomy mid afternoon before getting cleaned up to go to Malarkeys (Melaneys) to meet with Irene and Luisa.

The Sun sizzled as it dropped into the sea at 7:09 PM sharp!  You could almost hear the steam!  There were three whales in the channel this evening so a lot of traffic was moving about the parking lot attempting to find a place to stop!  The whales were on the local TV news.

7:05 right on time!

We all sat around and laughed and giggled for a couple of hours with Luisa and Paul both finishing off an order of cioppino (fish soup) for dinner.  Irene is doing well and is going gambling on the weekend while Luisa is getting ready for a trip with Joel to Nashville and then to Huntsville… Yes, we asked her to take photos of the trip!  We brought our alcohol free wine and everyone else did cranberry juice!  Paul has to get back on the diet!

Irene and Luisa

Random Memory: Paul was thinking this morning about his mother and she loved to sew!  She had to learn to sew as she made clothes for her three brothers and sister when growing up in the 1920’s.

Ratchet foreword to the 1950’s and Paul can remember getting up in the middle of the night to do his Ham Radio stuff and his mother  would be in the den either cutting out a pattern or sewing.  She went to bed every night about 9:00 PM and was up at 2:00 AM drinking a cup of coffee and sewing away!

In those days, the pattern manufacturers would delivery new patters to the dime store whew Paul senior was the general manager.  The company, Simplicity was one of them, would provide new patterns and then ask for the envelop only that contained the replaced patterns. (They said toss the pattern itself).

Every month, Georgia would go to the store and volunteer to do the “search and seizure” task.  She would put in the new patterns with their envelopes into the large four-drawer filing cabinet.  On the patterns being replaced, she would look at them, analyze them, and if she liked them, she would put the patterns in a brown envelop, add some cryptic markings, and take them home for a later day!

One year, probably 1954 or 1955,  it was Halloween and Paul wanted to be “Superman”… No swimming trunks and red shower towel for him.  Mom (Georgia) made a complete Superman costume using polished cotton for the cape, she made the shorts and tights and even made boots from some rain gear.  Paul wore it to school a couple of days before Halloween and Mom’s phone rang off the hook by mothers wanting one for their little guy!  It was a little frightening to see a red-headed skinny Superman… The costume was definitely Superman but the body as the 90 pounds weakling!

Mom was proud of that old machine!

Paul and his mother shared good times as Paul would be by the ham radio talking to people and mom would be in the same room listening in and sometimes even talking to the person 100’s of miles away!  Good times!

That old machine lasted for 25 years but after Mom’s stroke, she could no longer use it and gave it away to someone.  It was a fixture on Paul’s childhood home for years!

After returning home we again sat down to Grey’s Anatomy… What will be do when we catch up to the current season?  Watching it with commercials is definitely out!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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