Gardening And More Gardening

We stayed home today as it was supposed to rain but alas, no water today!  The back yard has about 600 square feet of raised garden beds.  Being raised makes it so easy to do the gardening chores. This picture was taken from the roof of our home. Visit our May garden

Easy maintenance gardening

Paul worked two hours on our lemon tree which needed to be cleaned out and trimmed.  Paul got about 50 lemons off the tree (and tossed about 100).  It looks pretty good now!

We picked six artichokes today and will cook them tomorrow.  We like them both hot and cold.  We wondered how artichokes were processed commercially.  Wikipedia provided us the answer:

Did You Know? Artichokes are harvested by hand, one at a time and placed in baskets, which are shipped to an auction house. An artichoke auction is then conducted in the Dutch Style, whereby the price starts very high and is lowered until the first packer makes a bid. Once the artichokes are sold, they are taken to a processing plant and move up a conveyor where they are sorted by size. Next, the artichokes are blanched in hot water. The hearts are inserted by hand into a peeling machine where the lower portion of the stem and the top part of the head are cut off and the tough outer leaves are removed. The hearts are then placed in cans, which are filled with hot water and a small amount of citric acid. The cans are cooled and stored for several weeks of incubation to assure the product has been properly processed.

We headed to Garden Grove to go dining and dancing.  The salmon was especially good this evening.  The band was country but it was pretty good all in all.

After getting home we watched TV and crashed.  About 1:00 AM the weatherman was made honest… It poured rain for about an hour.  It came down in buckets!

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