Wednesday Was Great

We began the day by going to La Habra and watching Grandson Alex graduate kindergarden.  It was a fun ceremony and he ws so grown up!  Congrats Alex!  USC next week!

Graduation moment

Graduation moment

After getting home, Sue suggested we walk at the Aquarium of the Pacific.  It was an excellent idea and we did it!  Since we go there in the  “late afternoon” the school kids were mostly gone…. A good thing!  Join our walk!

It was a good exercise!

It was a good exercise!

We walked all around the aquarium both inside and out!

The "Back And Forth" was inside the aquarium

The “Back And Forth” was inside the aquarium

We returned home and got a call that Zack and Becca (and of course Lilly) were going to come by for a visit.  The kids are doing well and are a lot of fun to be around!

After they departed we watched some NCIS early episodes.  We finally crashed at 11:30.

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