The Andrews Brothers At Fullerton

Yup! The Andrews Brothers. Do you still remember those great songs from the 1940s like “Hold Tight”, “On a Slow Boat to China”, and “Rum and Coca Cola”? Do you remember the USO shows of World War II? If there is still a nostalgic thirst running through your veins for that time in history, then truck on down to Musical Theater West’s production of The Andrews Brothers and grab some tickets before they’re all sold out. It is an evening full of that great period music that lovingly pays tribute to those USO shows of World War II.

This show you will have you jumpin’ and jivin’ on home to dust off your 78s of songs from this era, remembering the days when you drank rum and coca cola, and reminisce about sitting under that apple tree. It’s a show that ac-cent-tchu-ates the positive and eliminates the negative. So relax, hold tight, and let this cast take you not to China on a slow boat, but back in time to a USO show. It’s a fun-filled two and a half hours you won’t regret spending in the theater.

WWII musicals brought back to life!

WWII musicals brought back to life!

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