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Babysitting At 80? Oh My!

Today we have n adventure ahead of us, we are going to Bonnie’s house in Camarillo and watch the varmints while she gets a chance to visit her mother in Tennessee.   Now that Becky (Bonnie’s Mom) lives in Tennessee instead of Michigan, Beck got her teeth fixed so she would match her neighbors! (Oh boy, I will pay for that one!)

Becky fits right in!

We were up at 5:30 am to pack but since it is only two nights, Mary’s limited herself to four suitcases and one single steamer trunk!  I was allowed one Von’s plastic shopping bag.

Our first stop was the gym for our morning workout.  As you can see below, the old man is doing well even after one humdred stretch/pull/sit ups.  I was afraid the elastic in my britches was going to overheat but I managed without a wardrobe malfunction.

Looking pretty good after 100 repetitions!

Camera lifts are my favorite exercise as it requires precise positioning as well has eye/hand coordination.  Mary is in the background doing leg presses.   After three weeks she can do three presses without having to stop and beg for mercy!

We do everything together!

I am NOT sure what this exercise is called but I think it has something to do with “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.  Dang, she is looking pretty good!

You go girl.

The minute we lost 200 calories, we jumped in the Silver Fox and drove across the parking lot to the donut store and ordered replacement calories in the form of bagels and lattes.

We exercise and then we eat bagels!

When I finished, we gathered up the remains and went to the car because we had a 90 miles drive.  Mary finished off her “Energy Bar” in the car and we finished the lattees and we drove north.

We decided at the last minute to go with GPS so we ended up going through downtown LA and except for the area around Dodger Stadium, the traffic was not bad.

We arrived about 50 minutes early so we drove past their home to the nearest Mexican restaurant and had a taco before facing the kids.  The restaurant, Taqueria El Tapatio,  was amazing and the staff was out of this world friendly.

We arrived ten minutes before 1:00 pm and met with the young lady who was watching the kids.  Tatum just graduated high school and was on her way to Pepperdine University.  She was very nice and we will see her on Friday morning.

The kids were happy to see us and we all visited the ranch.  The seventeen chickens were individually named and we also met the kitties and the dogs.

We visited the chickens at Bonnie’s place.

The kitties were funny and I teased the kids about the kitties names calling the cats Festus (River), Mergatroid (Tiger), Brutus (Smokey), and Periwinkle (Kumquat).  Where those names came from I do not know but the kids thought it was funny…we all laughed!

Another week or so and the mouse traps can be set loose on the property.

Around 5:30 pm Mary whipped up a great meal of chicken breasts (not from the seventeen chicjens we just visited), steamed broccoli, and noodles with marinara sauce.  We all finished everything and the kids enjoyed the dinner.

Dinner time, it was a controlled zoo!

After dinner we had popsicles and the kids ran around in circles playing games involving coyotes and chickens.  We all laughed ourselves silly.  We attempted to get the chickens inside their coops but one of the kids spilled their chicken feed on the grass outside the coops and all wa lost.

We went inside and played a Children’s Bible Trivia game.  We all did pretty well as I read the questions and added a few things here and there!

Finally it was 7:oo pm we send the kids to bed but we gave Gunner and Amelia orders to take a bath.  Mary and Amelia joined forces and Gunner and I put rings around the bath tub.

Everyone was in bed by 8:15 pm.  We stayed up and checked on the kids until 10:00 pm when we hit the sack.

We are awaiting the sound of the rooster in the morning.

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