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Thursday And We Know What That Means!

We got our wedding photos back a little late!

It was a beautiful morning, so we walked for an hour before getting ready for Girls’ Night Out at the Elks.  On our way to the Elks, we stopped and picked up/dropped off dray-cleaning garments.

Finally, we are at the Elks.  Ed and Betty joined us this afternoon!  A pleasant surprise.

Ready to head for home.

Using the magic in the iPhone, we transferred them to the Emerald Islands to prepare for St Patty’s Day!

“Where is that Pot Of Gold, Ed?”

We talked about the old test patterns.

Did You Know?  Since the earliest TV broadcasts, test patterns were originally physical cards at which a television camera was pointed, allowing for simple picture quality adjustments.  Such cards are often used for calibration, alignment, and matching cameras and camcorders.

The feathered headdress signified going to war, and so the Indian Head Test Pattern, drawn in 1938 and embedded in an RCA TV tube, told viewers this chief was ready to fight.

After the Elks, we went to my doctor to have the stitches removed from the jaw.  It took about an hour, and then we were on our way.


We had plans to have dinner with Robin and a friend, Cathy Smith, at the Fish Company at 5:00 pm.  Since we were early, we stopped by Old Ranch and had a quick glass of wine.  Cathy

Lookim’ good!

With the flick of my wrist, we moved to Ireland.

In a few more days, it will be St Patrick’s Day!

We asked our waitress how the lake had been doing, and she said it was up quite a ways during the two previous storms, but they were able to release enough to bring the lake down almost twelve inches.

The lake serves as a water storage facility for Los Alamitos and Norwalk when the rains are hefty!

The golfers were golfing, and we will start again when we return from our vacations this year!

It was chilly out this afternoon!

We met up with Robin and Cathy and had a delightful dinner!  Next time Cathy comes to town, she will stay with us.  Robin will join in, and we will party between going to work.

Here’s to you!

We headed home around 7:30 pm and quickly stopped at Ace’s to say goodnight to everyone.

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