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The Time Just Flies By!

I saw this today!  OMG, it’s true!  Woosies everywhere!

It was 6:00 a.m., and everything was going well.  Dr. Mary and I were sitting at the computer, clearing out our emails, when the clock struck at 6:15 a.m., reminding us it was time to stroll in the garden.

We worked for about an hour, but the garden was so beautiful already that we finished what we needed to do within half an hour.

As we saundered in the backyard, I told Mary, “I love you with all my belly.  I would say heart, but my belly is bigger.”

The garden is really looking great right now!

The weather was fantastic, and everything was bright and shiny after the little rain!

What a beautiful day!  Not a cloud in the sky!!

Mary prepared a brunch consisting of tomato pie, pierogis, and chicken with artichokes.

It’s a match made in heaven; she loves to cook, and I love to eat!

We also had a tomato and cottage cheese salad.  To maintain our weight, we drank diet cranberry-pomegranate juice.

Brunch is served on a bed of fresh lettuce!

We have been collecting and drying out the beans that stayed on the vine too long.  This morning, we gathered many more and put them on the top of the pool toy container to ensure they dry out.

We will remove the beans from the pods in a couple of days.  After being in a jar for a few months, we will rehydrate them overnight and cook them into a delightful meal!

Dry babies, and we will use you for soup!

We collected several beautiful cucumbers and decided to make refrigerator pickles.  We got the ingredients ready to go!  We used our elephant garlic today.

Did You Know?  Elephant garlic is a plant belonging to the onion genus.  It has a tall, solid, flowering stalk and broad, flat leaves.  The flavor is milder than garlic and can be eaten raw in salads, roasted, or sauteed, but it is generally not a substitute for conventional garlic in cooking.  It is sometimes confused with solo garlic.

The ingredients are ready!

We first boil a mixture of vinegar, sugar, and water and then let it cool down.  Next, we add garlic, fresh dill, and other seasonings to a glass jar pre-filled with cucumber slices.  After sealing the jar, we keep it in the refrigerator for around three days.  Once it’s ready, we can enjoy the delicious pickles.

Vlassic, eat your heart out!

We talked to Colleen today!  We gossiped with her for almost 20 minutes before the CPAC technical showed up!

Robin, Colleen, Becky, Michele, and Lisa!  Love you all!

I love watching shorts of Laurel and Hardy on my iPhone.  Their silly antics brought a lot of happiness to many people.  What makes it even more enjoyable for me is that many of their films were shot in the area where I grew up.  I can recognize the signage in Culver City, and the homes are still recognizable today!

Paul’s favorite

The CPAP guy arrived at 4:00 p.m. and explained that CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) is a machine that uses mild air pressure to keep your breathing airways open while you sleep.

A CPAP machine takes in room air, then filters and pressurizes it before delivering it through a tube and into your mask.  The continuous airflow keeps your tongue, uvula, and soft palate from shifting too far into your airway.  This stabilizes your breathing and improves your overall sleep quality.

Equally important are the long-term benefits of CPAP, which include:

  • Helping to prevent or control high blood pressure
  • Lowering your risk for stroke
  • Improving memory and other cognitive functions

We took him to the veggie garden because he said he had to stop at the market and get some tomatoes on the way home.  We filled a large bag with veggies, and he did NOT have to stop now!

Dinner was served, and Mary surprised me with another delicious meal.  After watching a movie with Clint Eastwood, I surprised her with Cherry Jubilee!  I found some cherry-flavored brandy in the cupboard and used it liberally!

Cherries, Jubilee is at work!

I may have overdone it on the brandy!  We were almost overcome by the fumes!

Burn, baby burn!

Mary switched off the lights, and the roaring fire entertained us.  We were worried when we heard the fire truck sirens in the distance.

Did you hear about the fire at the circus?  It was intents.

Bur,n baby burn!

The Polish sweet cherries were perfect, although they did have seeds.  Next time, I will remove the seeds first!  We ended the evening by watching another Clint Eastwood movie we had not seen before.

Dessert is served!

While we were observing Clint, Mary kept herself busy preparing Beef Stroganoff for dinner tomorrow night.  Now you know why I struggle to attain a weight of 190 pounds!

Did You Know?  This famous Russian dish has a fascinating story.  Under the Tsars, the Russian upper class was super-wealthy.  They were particularly fond of Paris, often kept apartments, and communicated in French at home and social gatherings.  In 1891, a French chef who worked for a wealthy St. Petersburg family created the dish for a cooking contest.  He prepared sautéed pieces of beef served in a delicious sauce with smetana (sour cream).  Beef Stroganoff, luxurious yet easy to prepare, became a signature dish with countless hostesses and a headline entrée in upscale restaurants.

I told Mary, “Thinking of you keeps me awake.  Dreaming of you keeps me asleep.  Being with you keeps me alive.”

As I put on the new mechanism and fell asleep, I thought that having Dr. Mary by my side was amazingly wonderful.  Always a smile, ready to help others, and always thinking of me!  I am fortunate!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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