Golf & Tea, That’s OK!

We headed for El Dorado Golf Course (Long Beach)  for our Golf Lesson with Tim before going VFR to Old Ranch for lunch.  We played golf with Bunnaford at 12:30  and then met the rest of the “gang” on the 19th hole.

Bunnaford and Sue rode the cart so they could see the ducks fly-in to get fed.

The Ducks recognize "Grandma Sue"

We had a little excitement on Ten as the neighborhood skunk showed up.  The Canadian Geese were amazed by the smell of this creature and we tried to tell them to stay their distance.

Smelly and she has a litter of babies near the clubhouse... The Geese are worried

After the 19th hole, we went home to feed the babies before going to the Tea Party. We take pictures for the Tea Party. Excellent Constitutional lecturer was the guest speaker.

John Passanisi is an "Old Rancher" and a Tea Party guy

We got home early enough to catch NCIS from the previous night (because we went to the movies) and we watched “Nanny Express“.   Summary: With their mother dead, Emily and Ben torment their nannies to quit as fast as their father hires them. Till a nanny named Kate shows up and slowly wins Ben over. That’s bad enough, but when her father and Kate start to fall in love, Emily sets out to break them up and match him with her ballet teacher.

We love "feel good" movies

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