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Hump Day Has Arrived; The Cleaning Folks Will Make Things Spotless!

We overslept, not getting up until 6:30 am!  Even Scout, The Wonder Dog, slept in this morning.  I attempted to wake him but got a stern warning to step back or suffer dire consequences!

Scout is working on his ferocious growl!

As I moved toward the office and my morning stent with the computer, I opened my eyes and thought, “This cannot be OUR office!  We can see the desktops!”  It was frightening until I saw a familiar picture on the wall; it was our office after we had spent a day organizing it!

Whose house is this?

Another surprise awaited me; Mary had a second desk/sewing machine in the office.  I always thought that wall was where we stored stacks of papers and magazines for the local school paper drive.

Remember this; it will never be the same!

Mary has an exciting filing scheme.


We spent some time remembering our recent vacation to Mexico!  We had a terrific time, and three days felt like 15 minutes!

We kissed!  Pucker, sucker! Is not a kiss the very autograph of love?

Meanwhile, the wind is blowing back home, and the front yard looks pretty good.  We have three operating patios now; decisions, decisions, decisions!  We stopped by Home Depot and got some additional flowers of color for the front yard, plus several bell peppers for the back garden.  I worked outside for about two hours while Mary prepared for the Starlighters board meeting scheduled for 6:30 pm.

What color is a battle flag?  Violent!

The wind was blowing, and the chimes were playing a lovely tune!

We trained Scout NOT to go into the front yard for two years without a lease.  Suddenly, he can go out in front, but he is suspicious.  He prefers his new “laughing spot” in front of the security screen.  He can hear and see all from this vantage point.

Scout has a new Laughing Place!

Scout was on the watch for fast vehicles or loud noises, and then, all of a sudden, Super Bob was riding the motorcycle as if out of the ether.  We looked for the training wheels, but he must have left them home.

What’s the most dangerous part of a motorcycle?  The nut that connects the seat to the handlebar.

I wonder how many decks of cards he goes through in a single week?

We had our meeting, and all went well.  We have a plan for the next six months, but we discovered we would miss the July dance, a Western theme.  We will be celebrating with my nieces in northern California for the weekend!

Meeting adjourns.

The meeting ended at about 7:30 pm, and everybody headed home.  Vicky drove this evening, so we got Jim harnessed up in the five-point racing seat/safety belts.  We calculated that we would hear the sonic boom at about six and a half minutes after they pulled out, and it would come from the direction of the southbound 55 Freeway!

It was toasty inside and cool outside!

We cleaned things up, headed to the TV room, and watched a foreign movie about a group of kids.  It was in Spanish, but we read the captions.   When we went to bed, we could not find Mr. Scout.  The little bugger had already slipped off into our bedroom and was resting on his bed, sound asleep!

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