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Up Goes The Wall!

The government must be kidding!

We did our morning walk and talked to the veggies.  The zucchini was doing great and will be in tonight’s salad if all goes well.

The babies are coming long!

Two more days, and we will begin having string beans!  They seem to grow an inch a day!

String beans are beginning to grow.

The peas have topped the arbor and are working to the other side!

The peas are produced in bunches.

We got a call from the fence people, who surprised us with a planned installation date of today.  So, Mary decided to stay and supervise, and I headed to my various doctor’s appointments.

First to Ling Beach to get the head stitches removed; all went well, and I was done in 15 minutes.

Then to Los Alamitos for my yearly physical.  The results were better than expected; all bloodwork was great, the cholesterol was 45, and the “bad cholesterol” was not even measurable.   The blood sugar was two points higher than last year but still “OK.”

I am getting the stitches removed.

The security system fired up, so I knew the fence folks had arrived.

As seen via our security camera while I was at the doctor’s office.

They worked hard and finished the installation by 6:00 pm.

The fence folks arrive.

It was a lot of work, considering all the drilling into brick and concrete they had to do!

We are going up!

99% complete!  We need the arbor and the gates.  This will give us “privacy” sufficient enough to open the TV Room drapes and perhaps have breakfast outside in the mornings.

You are looking good!

While they put on the finishing touches, I prepared dinner for our daughters, Colleen and Robin.  We ate on the back patio this evening.  The beef ribs were OK, but next time, I will go to the butcher shop, not the market!

Robin and Colleen join us for dinner.

This working walk resulted in a magnificently fresh salad this afternoon.

From the garden!

Done!!!  It is precisely what we wanted, and tomorrow we will hang the wall artwork on the side of the garage!  Three patios, a SoCal boy’s dream come true.

The new fence/gate looks great!

We were both tired, so after the girls departed, we headed to the Swim Spa and soaked in the warm water for an hour.  Tomorrow will be a full moon, so the moon was practicing this evening.

Sore back – hot water!  She promised not to moon me!

We came inside and crashed; it’s been quite a week.

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