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Chuckie Comes To Town!

Today we went to Mary’s PT, and things are getting better all the time!  We are pleased with the progress, so we expect another month before she returns to “normal.”  We will have to figure out what “normal” is!

Our PT facility is in Tustin!

After PT, I offered to go to Rockwells, but Mary thought we could eat at home.  Then I mentioned the egg white omelet, and she gave in.  We went to Rockwell’s in Villa Park, a wonderful bakery and a super place to dine!

We are “regulars” there, so everyone said, “Howdy.”

Mary had hot tea, and I made iced tea because I knew my food would be hot.  Mary did her omelet, and I attacked a ham and egg omelet with a side of bacon!   Dang, it was good.

I did ask Mary, “Why do the French make omelets with only one egg?”  Well, I had to tell her, “Because in France one egg is un oeuf.”

Then I remembered when Mary and I first got together.  When my wife made her first omelet, I was egging her on.

The meal was excellent!

That smile gives Rockwell an AAA rating!

We returned home and worked in the yard, fertilizing the new trees, planting bulbs, and pulling weeds—and other stuff.  At 2:00 PM, we came in, and I checked my BP, thinking it would be high!  It was 120/80, my normal??

At 2:45 PM, we headed to the JW Airport to pick up Chuck and Lisa, friends staying with us for two weeks.  We have been friends for years, so we had a great visit.

When we got home, our cleaning folks were still there, and we were expecting ten people for the bi-monthly Starlighter Dance Club board meeting.  We managed to get everything together due to the teamwork Mary and I established.  She lays on the couch eating bonbons and points to what I must do next!

The members showed up at 6:30 PM, and the meeting was done by about 8:30 PM; Bob runs a tight ship!

Bob leads the meeting.

It is wonderful having friends for 20+ years; we can say anything!

Mary keeps us moving!

We had a lot of fun since we have known each other for years and years!

Post meeting banter

We have all the information on a spreadsheet, but no one can figure it out!  Cheese, wine, and a friend must be old to be good.

The guys are still trying to figure out the spreadsheet

After the meeting, we crashed to get ready for tomorrow.

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