What A Day! Church, Play, Dinner, TV

We headed for Church at 10:00 where we are working on the book of Mark.

Our church!

After church we headed to the Orange County Performing Arts Center for a 2:00 play entitled Misalliance by George Bernard Shaw… Funny!  British humor is great!  Like many (if not all) of Shaw’s plays, Misalliance is about upper class hypocrisy, with the addition of parent-child relationships, love, marriage and politics.  This elegant production is for everyone, middle school and above, although with a running time of more than two hours (every minute witty and wonderful), young people with short attentions spans could get antsy.  But they will be able to identify with Hypatia, who is bored with the talk, talk, talk of her elders and ready for something exciting to happen, and they’ll be amazed when it does!

Funny funny funny!!!

Afterwords we went to Leatherby’s for dinner where we had the best dinner in months!  Just simply outstanding!

Great grub! Best dinner in months!

Afterwords we went home to watch NCIS with Flower and Sarge… They enjoy the drama!  But first we watched a 1998 Cinderella story entitled  “Ever After” on the Hallmark Channel!

Imagine my surprise when we watched it on video. It was beautiful, funny, thoughtful, smart, and wonderful. It brings the romance of the story fully to life and touches the heart. Sure, there are errors in history and anachronisms; but, it’s a fairy tale. King Arthur wouldn’t have worn plate armor, either.

Drew Barrymore delivers her best performance ever. The accent is a bit distracting, but she is consistent with it, unlike certain Robin Hood’s I could name. She delivers on the promise she demonstrated as a youngster and brings those Barrymore genes to life. She handles the comedy as ably as the romance. You laugh when she first hits the Prince with an apple (pretty good shot, too!). You ache for her as her world seems to fall apart when Prince Henry learns the truth. You cheer when she renders justice to her oppressors.

Really a cute movie!

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