Oh No! Another Week Begins But This Time With Good Weather!

I miss my best friend!  It is very lonely without her to share things with every day.

Great-grandma Sue was a natural when it came to the kids, grandkids, and finally great-grandkids.  She dotted on them and was always happy to get her hugs and checkup on their lives.  There were some special relationships developed over the years as we were close to Jonathan and Zachary as they grew up.  She was so proud of them when the grew into responsible young men.  Below we are at Old Ranch, on the veranda when Becca and Zack came to visit with our first great-grandchild, Miss Lilly. Sue always had an unlimited amount of love for the family.  I will always remember the last few hours before she passed being in the ICU waiting room with the family. She was special, very special!

She so loved her great-grandchildren! Lilly was #1.

The sun came up at 6:14 AM this morning and I followed by a few minutes!  I stumbled into the kitchen, fired up the Kerig coffee maker, and sat at the dining room table watching the eastern horizon get lighter and lighter as Old Sol got higher and higher.

Being a social butterfly requires carefully examining the weekly schedule every morning as I would not want to miss an event. Well, much like Mother Hubbards Cupboard, this week’s schedule was bare.  We are talking zip zero nada; now I have to find things to do to fill the time. 

Nothing, emptiness, void!

Since the weather is supposed to be nice today, I see a paintbrush and ladder exercise in my future. First, I must go to Lowe’s and get some “plastic wood” to fix minor termite damage. 

This week is going to be tough for my friend Ed as he would have been celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary on Saturday. Kathy passed just nine days ahead of Sue.  It was a horrible week.  We are both suffering from our losses.  I can say with impunity, “Dear friend, I know how you feel!”.

We knew Ed and Kathy for over thirty years having met at a dance class in a community center.

Well, my thoughts must arrive in various places because I got a call from Donna and she is planning an Anniversary Brunch this weekend for Ed and I.  Sue and I had our 35th in March and Ed’s 50th is Saturday.  We will join Donna and Bob with Hobo Eggs and champagne!  Sounds wonderful, people to talk too!

The garage was calling so I headed the call and did some re-organing of my electrical workbench!  Everything is now in the proper place and the things I do not use on a regular basis resides in a labeled cardboard box. I am so organized, I can;t stand it!

Breakfast was calling, it sounds an awful like a growling stomach!  It was a growling tummy and to get him quiet I did a blueberry and cereal breakfast.  Quick, easy, healthy, and low in those pesky calories.

Back to the garage and I was looking for my Makita reciprocating saw as I have to do some termite repair.  After thirty minutes of thinking the worst, I finally found the saw on the bottom of my old roll-around chest.

I was so sure someone “borrowed” it that I ordered another one from Amazon! Now I have two!

Up onto the small ladder I lept and sawed-off about a 24″ piece of 2×4 which the termites decided to dine on.  It was damned near hollow but I sawed off their damaged area.  Now tomorrow, I will make a replacement piece of new 2×4 and replace the termites dining hall! No one will notice the difference after a coat of paint  You got to love those cordless wonders, 

I ground off those nails with the Makita cordless grinder, easy!

Now it is time for lunch and I headed directly to the frig, tore open the door and went directly for the pot roast! The little piggy in me was uncontrollable so I had 2/3’s of the remaining 1/2 of the roast!  It was so good!

I had planned to take a nice picture of lunch but I was so hungry I dived into it with vigor. By the time I thought about the photo, this is what was left!

After my lunch, I walked about three miles doing my standard route.  It’s now a no brainer because I am on automatic but starting next week, I will head for Ralph’s Market which means two hours and another couple of miles.  On that walk, I limit myself to small items; no laundry soap or cases of beer!

Chugging on down the avenue!

While minding my own business, I thought I heard a small bird.  It sounded like a bluebird.  As I glanced down to where the sound was coming from I found, you guessed it, a blue bird!

He did not fly away but just sat there and talked to me!

It was cool today but that is good because it is supposed to warm up significantly tomorrow.   Robin is coming to visit tomorrow so we will be doing our Mexican lunch or hamburgers and sit in the park.  We each selected a movie t watch,  I selected “True Grit” (which I watched last week) or perhaps “The Shootist”.  Robin selected “The Hateful Eight” starring Kurt Russell.  It will be a great evening!  Note to self, get the margarita mix nice and cold!

No dinner tonight, the tummy is full!  I did sit and watch a few minutes of the “news” but that was depressing. Into the back yard for a few minutes of fresh air before heading to the office to open today’s mail!  I swear those plants grow a foot every day!

I had hardly wait to make fresh salsa!!

The bills got paid and then I spent about an hour looking at various carnitas recipes.  I saw two recipes on YouTube which I’m going to try perhaps later-on this week.  I did not order from home fresh this week as I wanted to do some experimenting with my new found hobby of cooking. Wednesday, I plan to wander over to Costco as they generally have a nice selection of seafood. I plan to make some bouillabaisse which is sometimes known as fish soup. Also, I want to find some scallops because that’s one of my favorite meals.

The current plan is to watch some TV and crash early but there is only a 50-50 chance of that happening. 




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