The Week Begins

“Sue, your smile and your laughter lit my whole world.  The world seems dim these days!”

For many many years, we went to Catalina on Sue’s Birthday, working it around on the annual trip to the Sawdust Festival (the other birthday destination).  We loved to take the journey over, then hire a taxi and go for a four-hour tour of the island, stopping for lunch at the airport and then visiting the “outback.”   Sue never required anything fancy, she preferred traditions, and Catalina was typical. She was so much fun to be with, and it was wonderful to talk to her and have each other complete each other’s thoughts! Happy Birthday a little early!

Happy Birthday Sweet Sue

Well, I finally attacked the bookshelves in the office, and I made a lot of progress!  I stacked up to four separate piles of great cooking books and gardening books.  I will not use them, so I am offering them to the girls first.

I got a new family portrait of the Liles’ family with the new addition!

Apollo fits right in with the family!

Then life got serious. Lunch.  I was going to try the Black Bean and Poblano Flautas with Guacamole & Pico de Gallo from HelloFresh.  Well, it was a success with only one minor mishap, which I will explain later.  Step one, saute the poblano peppers and onions then add other goodies as specified.

I got everything out and began the process in earnest. It took about 25 minutes, but it was fun.

Everything is ready to go!

Oodles of ingredients to use

Starting to smell pretty good!

Then it gets a little complex as several things are going on at once!  The outcome is what is essential.

Yummy with a capital Yum!

Of course, I needed my wine (or should I say Sue’s wine) to finish off the meal!  It was quite tasty, and now I can do it from scratch and add Carne Asada or chicken or pork or even hamburger!

My 30-minute respite between chores during the day!

I tried a conference call to the UK but no luck!  We may try again tomorrow!

Back to the office where I continued going through all the books, we must have had 750 cookbooks and gardening books.  Now, it is starting to look OK.  I had to run to Staples, and before I went, I made a mask out of the bottom part of Sue’s oversized t-Sirt she slept in all the time.  Worked fine, and tomorrow I will ask the cleaners to sew a hem in the side of the mask.  Works great, and it is four layers, so that is perfect!

Hey, it is a start!

Robin is coming over tomorrow to stay with me for a couple of days.  She gets to rest, and I get company!  All is well!

That’s the truth!

I thought about Rebecca today, and this is probably what she is doing.

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