Sunday It Be; The Week Begins Anew Only A Few Hour Away

Always remember that you are absolutely unique… Just like everyone else..

A magnificent day is about to begin and therefore a weight reducing walk is warranted…Ralph’s market here I come with my little Easter Tote Bag in hand! Four mile round trip but worth the walk!!

The time was 9 AM and the dew was already off the flowers…the sun was shinning and the birds were flying backwards to see where they have been! I spotted a magnificent specimen of a rose and quick snapped a photo!

Random Memories:  The last place I worked I was a Director and it was with an bunch of ex-military guys plues the customer was military.  I was NOT impressed with any of them and to “get back” I wore pink shirts at least twice a week or more…drove them insane!  They could not, by law, saw anything but I knew they were not happy with my choice of colors.  After retiring, I had eight pink dress shirts with matching ties… I donated them to the Salvation Army keeping two just for old times sake.  Remember, real men can wear pink!

Just basking in the sunlight!

Time flew and all of a sudden, I was at Ralph’s with my iPhone and Amazon Alexa shopping list in hand! As I passed up and down the aisle in search of bargains, I stumbled upon the candy aisle and thought of my sweetie. Snapping the picture quickly as I passed by, without stopping, I texted it to her so a) she knew I was OK and b) she knew where I was!

2,776,456,340 calories just in this photograph! I escaped without a single calorie!

When walking, I limited myself to a single bag of goodies…some days I make the trek twice as I need the exercise and it is good for my shapely figure…more like a figure eight!

The berries were NOT on the list but they just looked so good!!! What is in the paper bag you ask? Don’t! OK, it was an apple turnover but only 290 calories! I munched on it walking home!

Returning home after the walk, I had to admire my selected exercise route. Love the app that keeps track of the adventures. Look carefully in the bottom right corner…the jagged line is me meandering across the large parking lot. The blob of blue is me walking inside Ralph’s Market. More jagged lines as I pass across the southern side of the parking lot trying to avoid the smells emanating from Subway (og their veggie sandwiches are wonderful) or In-n-Out Burger where the grill has just been fired up. Skillfully I managed to be entrapped by the wonderful odors and made it through without a calories. Almost 10,000 steps before 11:00 AM!

We got a “video call” from Colleen and Alexa was suddenly attacked by the Great Grand Child Army (GGCA)…namely Calhan and Logann! We are known as Gran Pop Pop and Great Grammy! Our names seem to change all the time but what the heck! They get so excited when we call… kinda special! It must be confusing as Mark and I look alike…at least on the top of our heads!

I am up in the right hand corner talking a picture of the picture!

An epiphany occurred after sneaking onto the bathroom scale after the walk…

It’s true… No, really it is true!!!

We rested in the afternoon, recovering from yesterday’s marathon entertainment and dining sessions. It was time to water the garden while Sue worked the puzzle and read her last book…I must go to Barnes and Nobel tomorrow.

Around 2:00 PM I determined, after careful deliberation, that nap time has occurred! Into the middle bedroom I slipped telling Alexa to wake me up in an hour…she did and all was well! Love those naps!

You guessed it, we were off again…tonight is the Old Ranch Monthly Dinner-Dance. In Aerospace it would be the ORMDD or ormmed). We had thirty friends joining us for a great party with fantastic dancing and dining! PLUS, it was the night we celebrated Brian’s 76th birthday!

Our dear friends form the UK… Associating with the Colonists they are!

We procured the services of Katella Deli on Thursday to bake a cake for today! We had to drop by and grab it on the way over to “The Ranch”. A masterpiece it was and indeed it was chocolate chocolate chocolate!

We limited the candles to two… 76 would have melted the icing!

The cake was inspected by Professor Brander! It was given a passing grade. We had so much that we offered three other tables to celebrate with us and passed the cake out accordingly!

The Certificate of Authenticity was posted on the cake!

It is so nice to have our friends around us…everybody stopped by the table to visit with Miss Sue and wish were happy return from the hospital! We are blessed with such wonderful people surrounding us! Any of our friends sicknesses or medical problems are shared via a communications network that would rival the Pentagon!

Love is in the air!!!

Our dear friend Nancy joined us tonight and since Sue is limited in physical exertion for a few weeks, Nancy and I danced! We have been friends for almost twenty years! She goes with us many times a year including the Christmas Play and is always such a wonderful guest!

We met at the turn of the century at a New Years Eve party and been close ever since!

Time for this day to cease and sleep to reward us for the bust weekend…first first, we needs to TV followed by…the tookies!

Oh, I gots a new toy. My bride encourages my to get toys as it a) keeps me out of trouble (sort of), and b) keeps the grey matter busy! I just purchased eight multi-color LED 75W WiFi connected light bulbs! They can be controlled via Alexa and my iPhone!

The light has 64,000,000 different colors… This is the night light setting on 30% power

I have several colors set up for the Easter egg coloring activity… the house will be decorated in lights! I can talk to them, like “Living Room One, Magenta,75%” . I loves my toys…Sue tolerates them! Life is good!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I am involved seriously with a long-time friend, Mary, and life goes on.
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