Sunday; Day To Rest? I Think Not!

Paradox – two physicians.

Here we go…a great day is to be had! We worked on the puzzle for a while and made great progress. At 9:00 AM we called Aunt Kaye and she was not home…out and about! She has had a few “bad days” but we hope that is a temporary condition otherwise we are heading north again!

The sciatica was OK this morning so time for a walk and walk I did. 2 1/2 miles without much pain! Loved it…tomorrow we are going for five! I snapped some photos on the way, here are a couple showing “Spring In The Hood”.

I listened to “The House Whisperer” on KFI while walking… excellent station….good information! Today’s discussion was kitchen countertops and I am so glad I listened as we are thinking about replacing ours. We cook all the time and it shows…perhaps a badge of honor these days?

At the commercial, I called Zack and we talked for 30 minutes about “stuff”.

Returning home we cooked up the artichokes and had one as an appetizer. Nothing better than fresh artichokes.

Nothing is fresher than this!!

Did You Know? Thistles—in the form of artichokes and cardoons—have been on the human table since at least the days of ancient Greece and Rome. According to Greek myth, the artichoke owes its existence to the philandering Zeus who—on a visit to his brother Poseidon—spotted a gorgeous girl, Cynara, bathing on the beach.

He fell instantly in love, seduced her, made her a goddess, and took her back with him to Mount Olympus. Cynara, however, lonesome and missing her mother, soon took to sneaking home to visit her family.

This duplicitous act so infuriated Zeus that—in a fit of temper worthy of Caravaggio—he tossed Cynara from Olympus and turned her into an artichoke. The modern scientific name for artichoke—Cynara cardunculus—derives from this luckless girl.

While the oven was hot, I decided to roast three bunches of asparagus!

I added parmesian cheese and lemon to the results… wonderful!

Time to go…where you ask? Cerritos Performing Arts Center…yes, again! We have been there four times in the last two weeks! We are off to see the Tex Beneke Orchestra playing Glenn Miller! We know the Conductor of the Orchestra quite well as we danced to him and his band at Disneyland for may years.

Memories: In the 1990’s up to about 2015 we danced at Disneyland almost every Saturday night.  We got to know a lot of people including the employees in the dance area.  We would dance until it got cold, often waiting the fireworks and then afterwords,, we hit Catal for a drink!

What a great afternoon… two hours of the best music ever played! The Mills Brothers were there also…well, two of them! In 2022, the Mills Brother Group will be 100 years old!

Still entertaining…Wow!

It took everything we had NOT to jump up and dance in the aisle-ways! Us and about 100 other couples! Another great day at Cerritos Performing Arts Center! We wished we had brought some of our Toppers Dance Club flyers…an opportunity missed.

Wonderful entertainment of all types form one establishment!

After getting home, we did some more puzzle and then watched TV until about 11:00 PM. The “Gilmore Girls” is really funny and watching it for the second time reveals even more that we did not catch the first time!

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Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet. I lost my best friend and wife in early 2020. I was blessed again by reconnecting with Dr. Mary Côté, a long-time friend. Mary and I got married July 28th, 2021, and are enjoying life together and plan to spend the rest of our lives being a blessing to our friends and family.
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