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Tis’ Friday; The Weekend Is Here

A woman says to the dentist “I don’t know which is worse having a tooth pulled or having a Baby.” The dentist says “Well make up your mind I gotta adjust the chair!”

Yes I can… I could do the garden twice as fast!

Work work and more work…Off to the nursery for supplies and then I spent about two hours in the garden again before we departed for lunch and the doctor. Lunch was at California Pizza Kitchen which was pretty good. I did the SZECHWAN CHICKEN DUMPLINGS which are Chinese dumplings topped with fresh cilantro, sesame seeds and scallions. Served with our soy-ginger chili sauce. Sue did the KUNG PAO SPAGHETTI which was their twist on a Chinese classic with garlic, scallions, peanuts and hot red chilies and she had them add mushrooms.

We decided to make the dumplings at home as Sue is such an amazing chef…she can recreate anything, meat or no meat!

We then went to Long Beach Memorial Care Center to get a pre-op interview with the Aneurism Surgeon. Current plans call for an April 10th early morning operation and then a day in the hospital plus overnight for observation before release.

The goal of endovascular coiling is to isolate an aneurysm from the normal circulation without blocking off any small arteries nearby or narrowing the main vessel. Endovascular describes the minimally invasive technique of accessing the aneurysm from within the bloodstream, specifically during angiography. The bloodstream is entered through the femoral artery in the upper leg. A flexible catheter is advanced from the femoral artery to one of four arteries in the neck that lead to the brain. The doctor steers the catheter through the blood vessels while injecting a special dye that makes them visible on the monitor. The result is a kind of roadmap of the arteries.

Once the catheter reaches the aneurysm, a very thin platinum wire is inserted. The wire coils up as it enters the aneurysm and is then detached. Multiple coils are packed inside the dome to block normal blood flow from entering. Over time, a clot forms inside the aneurysm, effectively removing the risk of aneurysm rupture. Coils remain inside the aneurysm permanently. Coils are made of platinum and other materials, and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and coatings that promote clotting. Coils accomplish from the inside what a surgical clip would accomplish from the outside: they stop blood from flowing into the aneurysm but allow blood to flow freely through the normal arteries.

After the consult, we headed home to rest a bit before going to the Cerritos to see a western themed indoor circus with Irene.

But instead of resting, I hit the garden again! As you can see below, I was in the middle of adding a soil amendment (Bumper Crop) to the dirt (the black material). Bumper Crop Organic Soil Amendment is a soil building blend of manure and high organic nutrient content of shellfish compost, dark, rich earthworm castings (adds minerals and biology), kelp, peat, aged bark, and lobster – inoculated with endo and ecto michorrizal fungi to improve root function. The lobster body provides a lot of Nitrogen, and the shells breakdown to release a lot of Calcium, the #1 ingredients that plants need. Bumper Crop Organic Soil Amendment is an all-purpose, pre-fertilized planting and garden soil amendment. This product excels as a nutrient rich top dressing and mulch.

I get 20+ bags a year to add to the gardens around the house

I pour the Bumper Crop on the original dirt then work it in with my hands or sometimes by small rototiller. The the planting begins followed by a heavy layer of straw mulch.

The back yard has four “beds” with places to walk (and sit) in between them…hey, I am getting old! After a days work, I sweep them up and hit it with a hose. You are seeing onions, carrots, bush beans and over to the left what will be ten x five rows of sweet white and yellow corn!

The bak yard takes about a week of work from start to finish.

To the circus with Irene…I needed some time to just sit after a days work!


Inspired by the rich legacy of the Wild West, Cirque Éloize – Saloon transports audiences to a saloon in a dusty little desert town dancing with the infectious energy of Folk music and acrobatic comedy. Classic Old West songs from Patsy Cline and Johnny Cash are mixed with cutting-edge production in this family-friendly theatrical thrill ride. The Hartford Courant raves, “Everything’s a bit ‘off,’ gloriously so, in this weird blend of history, pop culture, folklore, fantasy, gymnastic precision and general circus wonderment.”

Quite a show… Acrobatics galore

Arriving home, the tookies were put into the oven and we watched TV for a little bit before crashing!

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