Time For Disneyland!

Disneyland: A people trap operated by a mouse.

OK, the secret is out…we are Disney lovers (except for their occasional toe dipping into the political/weirdness of society). Sue decided we needed to go the entire eleven mile journey down Katella and visit the mouse…and I was down for the count. We worked on the difficult puzzle for an hour, made some progress, got cleaned up and then …off like a shot!

We stopped at Catal for lunch and then off to Disneyland proper. Sue did the mushroom soup and I attacked the Cuban sandwich. Perfect! We arrived at 2:00 PM…right on schedule. The weather was cool but not freezing yet!

Check the clock on the tower!

The to Adventureland where we needed to ride the jungle boats and see the wild animals and listen the the skipper crack jokes!

We really love the jungle boat, the skippers are always to creative with their continuous dialog!

We could not coax him out of the water!

We walked all over the park and then took a ride on the paddle wheeler. It is so relaxing just to watch the world go by! We then walked through Fantasyland and Tomorrowland before finding the parade which was going to start in a few minutes!

Mr. Duck stayed for the parade also!

The parade was called Mickey’s Musical Sound Parade and it was pretty good!

Princesses everywhere

Mary Poppins rode into town with a mess of Chimney Sweeps in tow!

Sue had the best seat in the house! I stood but had room so I turned around and brought in all the little kids who were behind me and could not see! Their parents were quite pleased that I had saved the space! Sue’s spot was perfect as whe could see them turn the corner and they passed right by with no one in front of her!

She’s a happy girl!

aRobina nd Bob were going to join us at 4:00 PM so we headed to Town Square and there they were…it was cold so we decided “they” needed dinner and we went back to Catal where we had some wine and dessert before heading home. They had dinner and we watched…painfully so…as we were so full from lunch time. I ordered paella to take home! We had about two hours and Robin and Bob and we got caught up on everything!

Go home?… are you kidding…the evening is still young…we departed Disneyland and went to the Garden Grove Elks where we danced until 9:30 PM…excellent timing as it just started to rain as we left. Great evening with the Brander’s, Zaitz, Iris and Wil, and Pat & Margot. We all laughed ourselves silly!

We came home, watched TV until midnight and had our tookies…a requirement every night!

A thought for the day!

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