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A New Week Begins With The Doctor

Something To Think About! We live in a society where pizza gets to your house before the police.

Diane is gone so I tippie-towed into my bathroom, became au’ naturale,  and sneaked onto the scale expecting the digital display to explode.  OMG, Diane, after “forcing” me to eat three meals a day (plus snacks) since she got here, made me gain 0.1 pounds!  Thank you Diane, you are now back on the good list!

Sue and Diane sharing iPhone picures!

10:00AM and time to head to the doctor office for step one in getting clearned for surgery on Monday.  Except for the cold, the doc says “You are good to go!”

We went to Mama’s for lunch and again did the grilled cheese and biscuits and gravey thing…but, this time we added two scoops of Thrifty Drug Store original ice cream to the order…yes, two each!

We opted out of Malarkey’s again this week and decided it was more important for Sue to rest!  She crashed about 4:00 PM. 

We had planned to try to see Zachary for his birthday but alas, Sue was not up to it and she did NOT want to pass a cold to the Lind’s having a brand new baby at home.  We bundled up and stayed inside.

Remy is now a week two weeks old…wow! Mommy Becca and Daddy Zack look pretty proud!

Also, it is Nick’s birthday so I will call him and do a solo tonight…hope he is up for it!

Nick is now 19 so I am sure he is NOT afraid of anything (except Robin)
Two great Grandson’s

We decided not to do Malarkey’s tonight as Sue was still sneezing and coughing with the dang cold…probably a good move.  We will miss seeing irene and hearing about the garage raising at her house!

I got a call from Jonathan, our first grandson, as he wanted an update on Grandma.  He is certainly a good boy (He is almost 30…He is a man…but will always be our little boy)  as he called Zack to wish him a happy birthday!  Sarah and Jon are doing well…working hard…saving money!  Their frugality is going to pay off more than they can imagine!  We are very proud of them!

Sue crashed about 5:30 PM so I working on my filing getting things in order as the rest of the year occurs in about 32 days!  It is 90 days until Christmas Eve…OMG, did I say that?

Be on the lookout for these two…

What in the world…I hear explosions…I looks at the clock on the desk and it is 9:40 PM…what is happening…are the Japanese attacking us, again? Ah, it’s the Disneyland fireworks.  We are 10 miles away and we can hear them most evenings but tonight I was in the back of the house facing Disneyland and the sound was quite distinct.  Tonight the fireworks celebrate Halloween!

Ghosts and Goblins oh my!!

I made it until about 10:30 PM and finally gave up the ghost! Too pooped to pop! I was as tired as a whore on nickel night (to quote an old country saying!)

Did You Know? If someone gives up the ghost, they stop trying to do something because they no longer believe they can do it successfully. If a machine gives up the ghost, it stops working.

One last thought for the evening.  I was lucky to walk two daughters down the aisle.  Colleen and Robin.  Michele was out of the picture and the other daughter just never card to have me in her life very much, but that is OK! I remember Colleen’s wedding well seeing her pass under those marines with their saber’s drawn…it was amazing.

I ran into this picture from Facebook which I just love.  Me walking Robin down the aisle.  I be the very proud papa!

We make a handsome Daughter-Father combo!!!

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