What a busy bust day.  Paul was up at the crack of dawn to meet Bob but alas, Bob needed his beauty sleep…he says we turned off his phone, sure Bob!

No one was up at 6:00 AM except Paul

Finally at 8:00 AM Bob arrived on scene and we headed to “The Sandtrap” for a pre-golf dining experience.  Bob & Donna plus Holly & Bill…we were a sextet (Wow, is that six) today!

We calls champagne this early “Pointing Fluid”… It didn’t work!

We took a cab…everyone else trudged up the hill!

Chugging right along!

We had a great breakfast and then to the tees where we performed a magnificent round of golf…the wildlife was transferred from off the fairways directly onto the fairways!  You could see the animals heading for the high country as we approached!

Bill is always so helpful!

We played nine holes, six that we remember!

Snakes? What snakes?

After “golf” we headed to the patio to perform our superpowers…we transitioned into magnificent 1930’s butterflies!

Ready to dine and dance!

The ladies looked radiant!

They be ready to light up the room!

We visited until 5:00 PM and then headed across the street!

Snaking before dinner! It’s OK, we are adults…mostly!

We headed across the street to the Blue Water Grill for dinner.

As a group, we looked extinguished!

Now, to the dance!

Great dance… Lots of people but still lots of room!

Afterwards, we headed to Maggie’s Blue Rose for a nightcap!

Sammy, Brenda, and Gayle… Celebrating Gayle’s birthday…again!

It’s not 11:30 PM and time to go to our hotel!  Tomorrow is another wild day!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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