Tuesday Was A Full Day

Paul checked in on Facebook and who was there to greet him… Alex the Magnificent! He and dad were on a bike ride and the power pole wire support was just a tad in the way! Alex got knocked off and busted a finger! Brave little guy!

Alex and the phone pole did not see eye to eye!

Off and running and see what new decorations we have on display today!

Walking is excellent exercise

Mr. “T” is out and about and welcomes everyone to his house.  He is serving pork this week!

Paul met a new friend on the walk!

The leaf blower has its work cut out for him!

Home and ready to go… Where, Taco Surf for the bi-monthly meeting of “The Olg Guys”, Sue’s group from Boeing.  We have been retired over ten years so we are seeing the bright and shiny faces of those who just retired!

Taco Surf and “The Old Guys”

Located in Sunset Beach… Just 4 miles from home!

We returned home, did a few chores and then decided we had to go out and about!

We decided to go wine tasting so we departed for Laguna Canyon Winery. We enjoyed chatting with the folks there and we bought two cases of vino! Afterwords, we headed north along PCH to Newport where we joined the Orange Coast Winery folks for a tasting. Paul had one of their large pretzels and the great spicy German mustard. We bought a case of wine there (some of the case was out scheduled pickup).

It’s almost 7:00 PM now and too early to go home, what to do? Easy! Patty’s Place, here we come! We zipped down PCH all the way to Seal Beach and the place was not too busy… Until we got there and then it was a bit of a zoo. We knew many of the people so it was a load of fun!

Enjoying friends

Paul could not pass up the prawns!

Patty’s Place for dinner after tasting wine!

We departed about 10:00 PM and went home to watch some TV before crashing… Tomorrow is Thanksgiving!

About Paul

Just an old retired guy trying to finish out my last years on this planet loving my best friend and wife, having fun, learning, and passing on helpful things to others.
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