Friday Was Breakfast, Golf, Happpy Hour, and Dancing

We began the day with breakfast at Old Ranch which was super as James was still smiling after his “78 Wednesday”.  Our tee-time was 10:45 as some sneaky devil got our standard 10:52.  We met up with Bunnaford and Charlotte  and played eighteen holes quite quickly.  Charlotte was having a bad day (which is very very rare) and she left a bit eatly…. Shoulder was killing her,  We then waited around for Happy Hour to formally begin.  Sue met up with her geese.

It is amazing that these little guys run up to Sue whenever they spot her!

So after James shot his 78 and the birthday incident occurred we needed to do something.  We went out and got a “Happy 70th Birthday” card and doctored it up with some help from dear old Apple!  We presented it to James and we all sang “Happy Birthday”.  Inside the card it said “I’m NOT 78, I shot a 78”.  We collected signatures from all over the club!  Please join the celebration!

James really enjoyed his card!


Everybody got involved this afternoon

After Happy Hour we headed to the Santa Ana Elks to dance to Wayne Pulcinni…  We had a load of fun as you can imagine.

Don't hea evilr... Don't say evil... Don't see evil

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