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Wednesday Was Relaxing… Golf And A Movie

We played eighteen holes and then headed to the local Indian restaurant to enjoy an evening with Mitch & Luisa and Zack & Becca.

Whaddaya mean NO??

Off to Kamal Palace down on PCH…

Great food and a quiet location

Becca and Zack

When we got home we watched an old movie on TV entitled “Colleen” circa 1936 with Dick Powell.  Summary: The Ames Company makes every effort to keep Uncle Cedric away from any decisions or work. This is in the best interests for him and the company. Trouble starts when he hires a schemer named Joe as his personal assistant and then a gal named Minnie who loves fashion. He buys Minnie a dress shop where Colleen is the bookkeeper and scandal soon follows. When Donald goes to shut down the shop, he doesn’t as he is infatuated by Colleen. Colleen runs the shop and fashion shows and starts to make a profit, but Minnie starts a scandal when Cedric tries to adopt her, but doesn’t – much to the horror of Alicia and the amusement of the press. Then Joe sues Donald for the loss of Colleen’s affection.

Funny and corny... That's OK

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