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Sunday We Rested Because We Are Going Dancing!!

It is finally fixed, and I no longer need it; my luck!

We didn’t move from the house today; we just worked around doing little chores.  It was a nice sunny day until later in the afternoon.

We cleaned up and dressed for “An Evening In Paris” with the Starlighters.  You can see the event at:

We got to the Elks at 5:15 pm to assist Vicky in setting up things; Vicky did an amazing job decorating for our themed event; we are lucky to have Vicky’s creative mind on our side!

I need a costume like that one!

Mary assisted me in taking pictures, plus she took several pictures herself.  She got one of Ghislene and me cutting a rug.

Dinner was amazing.  The Elks outdid themselves again!

The beef stroganoff was perfect; the best I had ever had!

Mary had the fish selection, and we shared; both were outstanding.  My new policy is to bring half of what I ordered home so I can keep my svelt 190-pound figure.  It will be lunch this week!

Mary did the White Fish, which was also perfectly cooked

My Parisian outfit was my Valentine’s Day outfit with a bidet; I looked, French.  I thought about bringing a white flag but thought better of myself.

I liked my new bidet; it kept my head warm!

We stayed until about 9:30 pm when we both were fading.  My five Bud Zeros were having an effect on me!  It was tinkle time all the way home.   The beer loosened me up, and I did the Tango in addition to the Cowboy ChaCha; we were warming up the wooden dance floor all night long.

We both crashed immediately.

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