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Fact: Plants do respond to sound. Talking to plants to help them grow is a well-known old wives’ tale, but studies have shown vibration (like music, or perhaps even the sweet sound of your voice) can affect plant growth. Plus, the Myth Busters (in an admittedly not-so-scientific study) compared a silent greenhouse to one where they piped in a voice soundtrack and found that plants in the latter grew more.

Food for thought!

Mary hit the kitchen first so we could be ready for visitors this afternoon. Zucchini bread is our favorite.

Zucchini bread in the making!

Scout bought me a new T-Shirt, with a bit of help from his mommy.

Scout is so thoughtful.

I watered the south forty all day, getting it ready to be dug up; the garden contractor is coming at 7:00 AM tomorrow.   The ground was hard, so the water should make the job a little easier.

Tomorrow the garden begins.

Meanwhile, the little loaves of bread are getting toasty in the kitchen. Mary likes her new silicone pans.

Bread in the oven

The Liles’ came over, and the boys went swimming with Apollo. Apollo made Scout tired, so Scout went inside and rested. The boys were in the pool for a good hour and then into the swim spa to warm up. Robin, Mary, Amy, Joe, and I sat around the patio and talked the whole time.

The Liles’ come over to swim, including Apollo

There was a lot of giggling going on here.

Laugh and giggle time.

Robin came over to assist Mary in getting our summertime party invitations ready. She uses Zazzle and does a great job.

Mary and Robin worked on the invitations.

After everyone departed, Mary and I went to the pool and the swim spa.   All was well until we got a call with bad news. We headed to Jan’s house to share with her in person (news you did not want to message or call someone else).

After getting home, we started to watch a movie but gave up.

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