Monday It Are…Time Is Flying

Beauty is in the eye of the beer holder.

Another slow day…just waitin’ until the colds go away and Sue’s neck gets back to normal..  We are off to the the carotid artery surgeon on Wednesday. 

While doing some errands, I listed to Rush and just had to get this picture for my site…so true!

So very true,,,Time are scary when the looney-left gets unhinged!

I planted potatoes today and watered the back forty.  While sitting in the garage, admiring my little shop, I did put an in-line switch into the overhead lights so I could turn them on-off easier. I should have done that months ago!

My next toy is coming Thursday, an all-new Echo Show (2nd Generation) – Premium sound and a vibrant 10.1″ HD screen.  Sometimes when I am at my desk, I will call up YouTube movies or even NetFlix features and watch when while I work on lap top!  The older version will probably get relegated either to the bedroom or the shop.  The bedroom because I can ask Alexa to pull up the security cameras instantly should we hear anything or the shop/garage so I can pull up any youtube video to explain some repair or other tool activity.

Sue worked magic with the last of the leftovers so we had Mexican, Greek, Mediterranean, and French cheese combo for lunch…one word…FANTASTIC!!!

Did You Know?  Mom and Dad got a new color TV in 1954 and I had no idea what that cost until recently.  The RCA Victor model CTC-100 was $1000.  

There is a reason for the amazing Technicolor-like picture of the CT-100. The CT-100’s shadow mask CRT used color phosphors with correct chromaticity corresponding to the NTSC standard. The red and green of the CT-100 is more rich and saturated than the orange-red and yellow-green of modern sets. This results in the larger color gamut of the CT-100. The CT-100’s 15GP22 color kinescope provided a rounded side 11 1/2-inch wide by 8 5/8-inch high picture with an area of approximately 100 square inches. A planar shadow mask and flat phosphor screen with decorative mask were suspended inside the round glass envelope. CBS Hytron would later develop the technique to manufacture a curved shadow mask and to deposit color phosphor dots directly on the inside of the face plate. With its 45-degree deflection angle the CRT was 26-inches long. The 15GP22 used electrostatic convergence and required external customer static convergence and focus adjustment knobs on the left side of the cabinet.

The CT-100, with a 16-position turret tuner, could receive any combination of VHF and UHF channels and provided a 45.75 MHz picture and 41.25 MHz sound IF output. Seven IF stages were used to minimize amplitude and phase distortion over the 4.5 MHz bandwidth. A conventional horizontal “SynchroGuide” provided horizontal sync and drove a 6CD6 output tube. The high voltage power provided 19,500 volts to the CRT by use of a 3A3 rectifier and 6BD4 shunt regulator. The set consumed 475 watts.

It was a real “Boat Anchor:

In the afternoon we rested trying to make sure ALL the cold goes away. 

We got spruced up and departed for Malany’s to meet up with Irene.  Mitch was going to join us but he also fell to the strflue…we are dripping like flies!

We returned home and hit the ol’ silver screen…we watched some TV before retiring at 11:30 PM.

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