Liles' Family Christmas 2023

"The one thing women don't want to find in their stockings on Christmas morning is their husband."

Our Fourth Christmas Together

We celebrated our first Christmas together in 2020 after "dating" for five months and here we are celebrating again! This year we have our established traditions and are enjoying life together.

Christmas 2023
Just us!

Christmas 2023
We took a short drive to the local mountains to see the snow!

Our calendar has filled up to overflowing and we are blessed with family and friends to share these special days during the Christmas season.

Christmas 2023

November 26th - Decorating Begins Thanks To Joe And The boys!    (DD)

November 26th - The Alley Cats!    (DD)

November 30th - Manheim Steamroller at Cerritos Center.    (DD)

December 1st - The Final Christmas Decorations

December 2nd - Candy Cane Lane At The Elks   (DD)

December 3rd - Christmas Carol At South Coast Reperatory    (DD)

December 5th - Patty's Place for Robin's Birthday   (DD)

December 8th - Elks Lodge

December 9th - 1000 Light's and Rothchilds

December 13th - American Legion Boat Parade

December 14th - Bar Hopping (Elks/Aces/Packard International)

December 15th - Boeing Party/Ugly Christmas Sweater Contect At The Elks

December 16th - Paul's Birthday At The Five Crowns And A Garden Walk

December 17th - Charlotte's For Christmas Danish Dinner

December 18th - Bonnie and the Kids Visit

December 19th - Seagerstrom Grinch With The Liles'

December 21st - Mission Inn With The Duda's

December 22nd - Dinner With James At Patty's

December 23rd - Micheles Christmas Party At Noon

December 24th - Christmas Eve With Family & Friends

December 25th - Christmas Day With Family & Friends

December 27-30 - Post Christmas Adventures

Christmas 2023

Christmas 2023
"Yep!  It is me!"

Decorating For Christmas 2023
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