The Starlighters Dance Club 2008 Highlights

2008 Was A Great Year For Dancing And Meeting New Friends

2008 Was A Busy Year

Checkout the member suggested links for other places to dance as well as the schedule of events. For your planning, keep these dates open!


01/19/2008 Winter Casual (Phoenix Club)

03/15/2008 Semi-Formal
(Yorba Linda Golf Club)

05/17/2008 Spring Formal
(Alta Vista Country Club)

07/19/2008 Summer Casual
(Sheraton Anaheim)

09/20/2008 Semi-Formal
(Foxfire Restaurant)

11/15/2008 Winter Formal
(Mesa Verde Country Club)

Winter Formal 2008 (11/15/2008)

Winter Formal 2008

The 2008 Winter Formal was held at the beautiful Mesa Verde Country Club with the Sky Blues providing a wide variety of dance music for the evening.

We had several members and guests not be able to attend this evenings event because of the terrible wild fires in the Anaheim Hills and surrounding areas.  Since many of our members are from the area, we saw a lot of cell-phone activity this evening.

Fall Semi-Formal Dance (9/20/2008)

Fall 2008 Semi-Formal

The evening was held at the Foxfire Restaurant in Anaheim Hills adjacent to the 91 Freeway.  It was a beautiful evening without a cloud in the sky and very comfortable temperatures.

We had 38 couples in a delightful room complete with mirrors on the walls.  Roaster Sea Bass and Filet Mignon fired up the engines for an evening of dance with Don Petersen's Trio... great music all night long.

We had loads of time for visiting and sharing since we saw each other two months ago.  Don Oldis celebrated his birthday.  We expect to see each other again in November at the Winter Formal!

Summer Casual Dance (7/19/2008)


The evening was held at the Anaheim Sheraton adjacent to Disneyland. The evening got under was with cocktails and some fantastic Hors d'œuvres. Breakaway provided great sounds for the evening ranging from the Waltz to the Night Club Two-Step!

Dinner was served and all got quiet for a few minutes.  We had three new guest couples who we got to meet during the evening. Dancing began and at 9:24 we enjoyed the Disneyland fireworks display.

The evening topped off by a conga line led by Donna and followed by many of our members!

Spring Formal (5/17/2008)


All dressed up and ready to go! The formal was held at the Alta Vista Country Club.

An evening in the country with best friends and fellow dancers.  The Street Corner Symphony played to the delight of the club.  They provide a wide range of ballroom sounds and later on into the evening some great Salsa and an occasional line dance!

Oven baked salmon or filet mignon wrapped in smoked bacon made for a fantastic meal.   Thanks to Millie Kegel and Paul Morin for the great camera work... and quick response!

Winter Semi-Formal Dance (3/15/2008)


The evening was filled with green as a reminder of St. Patty's Day.  The evening started with a little excitement; hail in the parking lot as we were having "weather events" on this day in California.

The remainder of the evening was weather-wise uneventful but filled with the joys of bust feet dancing to great music provided by the Sky Blues

As the evening proceeded we even were entertained by the dancing of an Irish Jig (courtesy of Donna) and the obligatory line dance with many members participating!

Winter Casual Dance (1/19/2008)


What would a dance be without a conga-line? Yes, it began small and ended up with 30 people dancing to the Latin rhythm. 

Thanks to Dezi Arnez for bringing the Conga Line to the United States!

Music was provided by Break Away providing a wide ranging selection of music for the evening. 

The evening began at 6:30 with  delightful hors d'oeuvres followed by a hearty dinner needed to dance for several hours.