The Starlighters Dance Club 2022 Highlights

Goodbye COVID-19, hello dancing; We have missed you!


The   first dance was black due to COVID-19.  A few of us danced at small venues but Starlighters was in hibernation.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge.


2022-03-20 - Sunday Dance At The Elks



After 75 years of dancing in Long Beach , the Topper's Dance Club is no more. Their last dance is in December 2021 and they have to fold because of the effects of COVID-19 on membership and prices of venues and bands. We hope those want to remain dancing and join us.


Let The 2022 Fun Begin!

January Was Cancelled Due To COVThis D-19

2022-03 Sunday Dance At The Santa Ana Elks!

This is a new venue for Starlighters. Prices have gone crazy at the old venues so Bob Zaitz, our president decided to try the new Santa Ana Elks.   With the assistance of Bill Capps, arrangements were made and it worked out quite well!  Enjoy!

Back to normal; finally!

Tume To Dance