Current Starlighters Board And Duties As Of 2022

"Life is a dance, from one stage to the next."

Office Officeholder Job Description
President Bob and Donna Zaitz Publishes the agenda and presides over the bi-monthly board meetings and any needed special executive meetings. Creates the club bi-monthly newsletter and, as Master of Ceremonies, makes necessary announcements and introductions at each dance.
1st Vice President Ed Roberts Next in command to the President. Responsible for maintaining the relationship and contracting the bands for each dance. Also responsible for organizing pre-dance cocktail parties, when they are held.
2nd Vice President Marylin Bailey Often is a shared position between two members couples. Responsible for arrangements and contracts with all the venues, including locating possible venues, development of menus for each dance and ensuring appropriate facilities are available.
Secretary Paul Liles and Mary Côté Creates and publishes minutes of all board and special meetings. Creates invitations to the dances and mails them to the membership. Creates and mails annual dues notices to membership. Handles any other correspondence for the club.  Maintains the club website.
Treasurer Bill Capps Collects annual dues and fees for each dance. Writes checks and pays club expenses. Balances checkbook, maintains financial accounts and publishes bi-monthly financial statements for the club.
Membership Wil Thomkeil/
Iris Feltenberg
Maintains an up-to-date and accurate club membership roster. Presents membership applications to the board for approval and sends welcome letters to new member couples. Takes photos of new prospective members for posting in the newsletter.
Hospitality Vicky Kuhn Greets members and guests as they arrive at the dances. Prepares name tags for dance attendees and places name tags on tables for guests and sponsors. Distributes and collects satisfaction survey forms and reports results to the Board.
Friendship Iris Fentenberg Sends cards and letters to members who are ill and having medical or other difficulties. Follows up with recovering members as necessary and reports to Board at its bi-monthly meetings.
Parliamentarian Position Eliminated As Of January 2024. Position reserved for ex-president to provide continuity from board to board and assistance to incoming president. Responsible for maintaining by-laws and job descriptions.

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