Time To Carve The Pumpkins

You look a lot like the mummy of the year.

Page Four - Let's Be Cut-Ups

The troops have arrived and the guys did their "thing", gutting the pumpkins! Connor and Kerrick joined us at home.  Remy and Lilly are excellent "gutters" we found out.

Connor and Lilly get to work!

Zack brings out the heavy equipment!

Bob performs open top surgery!

Mom tells Lilly to stay away from slashing guys!

Seeds are flying everywhere

The work requires two men!

Master of the knife!

Keta and Kerrick develop a plan of attack!

Connor and Scout meet for the first time!

Everyone has their assignments

Mary and Franklyn attack the puzzle!

Wait for the puzzle dance! It's coming soon!

Child labor?

Remy and big sis Lilly clean out the last pumpkin!

Did You Know? Pumpkin seeds taste great roasted and contain medicinal properties. Native Americans grew and ate pumpkins and their seeds long before the Pilgrims reached this continent. Pilgrims learned how to grow and prepare pumpkins from the Native Americans.

The seeds have arrived and the ladies are cleaning them up for roasting!

Mary has her camera going

This could be "Candid Camera"

Beware, Ladies at work!

"Do not look, it is a secret!"

Meanwhile Connor checks his bookie to see if he won or lost!

Hard at work

Paul had the right idea!

There is a lot of concentration going on here!

Who? Us?

Mary studies the possibilities!

The surgeon attacks the patient!

Bob is working hard at the end of the table!

"You will never guess what it is!"

Good carving!

Standby, the Prince will soon arrive!

Prince Sleeping Beauty!

She has a way with a knife

Yes, it is a doggie, what else?

Too cute!

Up close and personal

Sleeping Beauty

...and his sidekick, Sleeping Ugly!

The lights are dimmed, the sun is turned down, and candles are lit... Let's see the handiwork!

Looking good!

Light them up Miss Mary!

It's a labor of love
Lined up and ready for judgement

The guilty culprits

Mary fits right into this silly group!

Remington is just being himself!

Tis the season!

Lilly gives Miss Mary a lesson in tookie decorating!

Pretty serious discussions!

"They look pretty good! Did you do them yourself?"

Robin and Bob, Mary and Paul did the cleanup which was very little considering all the activities.

My favorite witch!