I can't wait to see what my horror-scope says this Halloween!

2006... A Tradition Dies A Quiet Death

Sad Pumplin Bye Pumpkin, perhaps another day! For many many years, we always hosted a  large family together to carve the pumpkins! Families join us for an afternoon of what I believed to be fun and sharing.

You have seen the pictures! Year 2000 Festivities , Year 2001 Festivities , Year 2003 Was Quiet , Year 2004 Festivities , Year 2005 Festivities were captured on-line and prior to that was many years of film which reside in a box!

It was fun to watch the kids pick the pumpkins, family get together and laugh, carve away and then have the silly contest... who's is ugliest, most beautiful, etc.

It is now 2006 and we decided to be quiet about pumpkin carving and no one apparently missed it

We understand family turmoil and kids growing up and family traditions other than our own but not a single "Are we going to..."???   So it is soon going to be Halloween and it is just Sue and Paul and whoever cares to join in... That is good.  Having a party with your best friend is OK! (In fact, it is great!)

As Woody Allen once said...."Tradition is the illusion of permanence."

As a grandparent, I am sad.  I suppose Thanksgiving is next and then Christmas.  But it's OK as I can always share the holiday with by best friend Sue.

John Greenleaf Whittier said it in a few words... "For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, 'It might have been."

So It Is Just A Few Of Us Now

We will continue to do the pumpkin thing but with just a few people who remain interested in the tradition.  Let's see what 2007 brings .