Halloween With The Liles 2019

You need a spoo-key to enter this haunted house.

October Is Upon Us...

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The holiday season has arrived and we are ready for it! It's going to be fast and furious so hang on for the next three months. For Halloween we dressed up as almonds so everyone could tell we were nuts!

Page Two - Roger's Gardens Is Where It All Begins

Roger's Gardens always had their Halloween Boutique up and running well ahead of Halloween so that gives us a great start to the season. Join us for our walk through Roger's.

Page Three - Life Day #22

We celebrate "Life Day" every year on October 23 and this year Sue has been cancer free for twenty two years. Join the celebration!

Watching our grandson's grow up; always a delight

Page Four - Time To Get Food So We Can Cut Those Pumpkins

Part of our Halloween tradition is to carve the pumpkins and of course one has to get "fed up" in order to do so! Off to the Himalayan Grill to get ready for carving the pumpkins!

Yeah yeah, the gangs all here!

Page Five - Cut Cut Cut And Make Scary Things

After finishing a wonderful meal, we all head to our home to attack the pumpkins with great vigor! Ladies and gentlemen, get your knives ready!

Dig girl! You may find a pearl!!!

Caught, attempting to escape!

"OK, who do I look like???"

Page Six - Santa Ana Elks Here We Come

Dead tired but we have energy for one more event today so Santa Ana here we come. Bob, Robin, and Nick joined us which made everything extra special! Join the fun!

We be talking "Cute!!!"

Look back ten years and see what we did!