Halloween 2022 With Mary & Paul

Where there is no imagination there is no horror. ~Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

Our Third Halloween Together; It's Scary!

We are getting our new traditions started and that is important!

Did You Know? - With witches aplenty, it's probably no surprise that we find broomsticks as a Halloween symbol. But why are they meant to be a witch's travel method of choice? Well, it's a little dirty. Witches were thought to have applied hallucinogenic "flying ointment" - um, internally - with a wooden staff.

An account from 1324 of a witch on trial says that "they found a pipe of ointment wherewith she greased her staffe, upon which she ambled and galloped through thick and thin."

Though for the next few hundred years they were described as flying on anything from a cupboard to a fork, it seems to be the wooden staff imagery that really lasted. It is thought that the broomstick, a symbol of domesticity, may have stuck because that makes it the perfect object to be perverted by witches - femininity gone wrong.

Pretty scary for the patriarchy.

Roger's Gardens 9/14/2022

Our first stop this season and a great way to get into the mood!  ZRogers always has neat goodies to add to the Halloween collection plus we get to walk the gardens.  We may even buy something.


We Got The Decorations Out

The house is now scarier than it was two weeks ago!

2022 Decorations
I am watching you!!!

Elks Halloween Dance 10/29/2022

We were ready to go but then disaster struck and I ended up in the hospital for two days and by the time I got out, I was in no condition to to party!  Bummer!  However, the kids went forward and represented us and they had a ball!

Mary, Paul and Grandon Nikk with Kayla!

What did I do now???

Guess who won the costume contest??

Pumpkin Carving At Home 10/30/2022

Pauk was down for the count but that did not stop us.  Ronin and family came over and set up the carving activities.  Irene join the crowd.  JOe had COVID so he stayed home.  Zack's family weas sick so they stayed home.  We waibed off Lisa nad Pete because we had no idea what Paul was going to feel like.  Michese and Franklyn plys Connor were no-shows>  It was just the six of us but we had a ball!

Mary made her famous eyeball drink!!

The boys set up everything as Paul was not able to do it this year.

Mary was constipating on her project oblivious to her surroundings.