Halloween With The Liles 2023

Time to get this party startled!

The Tradition Continues!

This is our fourth year of celebrating Halloween together.  This year Joe and Zack had over events planned and we totallyu understand that; families must have their own events.

This year we are going to go to Roger's Gardens with the Duda's and then to the Halloween Party at the Elks followed by Pumpkin Carving at home with family and friends!

I wanted to surprise Mary with a Hallowwen gift so I decidd to get her name tatooed in a heart of my back.  The plan were awry when the tatoo artist was a big hard of hearing.

halloween 2023 Overview
Oh Dear!

Page Two - Decorating The House

We decorated the house starting with the outside.

halloween 2023 Overview
Love those colors!

Page Three - Visiting Roger's Gardens - 10/23/2023)

We paid a visit to Roger's and had a bite to eat at the Farmhouse

halloween 2023 Overview

Page Five - The Elks Lodge Halloween Party

We went to the Elks as Batman Villans; Mary as Poison Ivy and Paul as The Penguin.

halloween 2023 Overview


Page Six - Carve Those Pumpkins!

Traditions continue as we had a gaggle of folks at home and went through a stack of pumpkins creating very scary little guys!

halloween 2023 Overview


Halloween At Home

We stayed home this Halloween after hacing a drink with an old friend at the club.


halloween 2023 Overview
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