But speaking of shoes,

The Halloween Boutique Is Now Open

A grandmother pretends she doesn't know who you are on Halloween. ~Erma Bombeck

The First Halloween Event Of 2020

No, these are NOT Halloween shoes. I have been enjoying dancing and decided to invest! again since I hope to dance alot in the future.

The Grey Ghost and I plan to arrive at Mary's at 9:30 AM so we rocketed out of Rossmoor at close to the speed of light skipping breakfast (although the Ghost got a full take before our trip today!)

Upon arriving at Mary's, 9:30 AM on the dot, she was busy cooking, which I was not expecting.

She made bacon and eggs for us using turkey bacon which by the way is excellent. I was quite flattered. It's made by chopping or grinding a mixture of light and dark turkey meat and skin, adding seasonings and preservatives and then pressing the mix into bacon-like strips.

To top things off we had toast and fruit plus a large cup of coffee. Great way to start a day!

Mary is a great cook in addition to being wonderful company.

The turkey bacon looked better than pork bacon! I have been converted.

The turkey bacon really looked good and tasted better
than treal bacon. I am switching!

Mary got an "APB" from Diane that there were shoes available which Mary would probably like. We stopped by the Orange Mall and sure enough, they came home with us. I found out Mary, like me, is NOT a shopper. One goes to a mall in the case of an emergency only!

I asked if they had a matching pair in a size 11 1/2 but alas, I will have to keep with the oldies and goodies or perhaps wear the shoe boxes instead?

Beautiful and the shoes were OK too!

Shopping was over in a flash and we directed the Silver Ghost to Rogers to visit this years boutique. It was a pirates theme so we expected to see skeletons galore and we were right.

There is a lot of truth to that!

We went directly to the entrance and joined the line to get it, social distancing and the number of people in the room were being controlled! I was prepared to draw my daggar to the first person that said Mary and I had to be six feet apart.

There was a line but it was only about ten minutes duration

As usual, the displays were quite unique and the entrance way resembled an old pirate ship. We both had out cameras snapping to capture the moments.

They do a super job at decorating so pictures are mandatory

One look at everyone with masks, the skeletons were probably afraid. We talked aout the costume parties at the Elks but this year we doubt if any big parties will be going on.

We prepare to enter the dark and dank innards of the pirate ship!

Mary takes charge of the wheelhouse. So, can you scare a skeleton to death? Another great puzzlement of life! Now that MAry is on cahrge, we are headed in the right direction!

We entered the ship carefully as we did not want to break any bones, theirs or ours. We wondered aimlessly through the different rooms. Mary was looking for that fresh bat who spotted her from atop the mainsail.

Just hanging around.

I had just thought about what time it was getting to be and volia, a batch of chronometers appears as if my magic!

Tick Tock!

Practicing her Royal Wave to the commoners! (Check the Tierra)

Silly us, we thought wine was being served but with a closer examination it appeared to be a caldron...there must be some witches nearby! Beware! Now we really wanted that bat... bat soup, a new favorite!

Soup is on!

We passed an operating table where Mr. Skeleton was awaiting his further demise. I asked Dr. Mary what kind of an operation she would perform on this poor fellow. The answer was quite troubling!

Then I asked asked Mary what happens if you have difficulties while performing an operation, the answer was even scarier!

Can you put someone on that speaks English?

I swore I could hear him snoaring! I asked Mary, "What do you call a tired skeleton?" She, of course replied, "I do not know!" and which time I replied, "The Grim Sleeper!" Instantly I was down and doing ten!

Upon seeing all those bones, Mary broke out in a song instantly!

For those of you in Rio Linda, it is Howl-Lo-Ween

Speaking of skeletons...

Do not fear for they are harmless most of the time

Time for the selfie!

The guy in front is a real drip! Every face is slightly different.

We are NOT frightened, we normally look this way.

  • What do birds say on Halloween? "Trick or tweet!"
  • Why don't skeletons ever go trick or treating? Because they have no-body to go with.
  • Where do ghosts buy their Halloween candy? At the ghost-ery store!
  • What do owls say when they go trick or treating? "Happy Owl-ween!"
  • What do ghosts give out to trick or treaters? Booberries!
  • Who did Frankenstein go trick or treating with? His ghoul friend.
  • What Halloween candy is never on time for the party? Choco-LATE!
  • What do witches put on to go trick or treating? Mas-scare-a.
  • What does Bigfoot say when he asks for candy? "Trick-or-feet!"
  • Which type of pants do ghosts wear to trick or treat? Boo jeans.
  • What makes trick or treating with twin witches so challenging? You never know which witch is which!

Funny is good!

We visited a few plants before we headed out!

We tried the Farmhouse but it was a hour wait so we headed home. On the way, I suggested we stop at the Santa Ana Elks, we did, good choice. We had wine, sat inside, and even danced to the music.

At The Elks


We had a glass of wine and we danced the two step!

Mary said, "I know this place" and off we went. It was called "The Rib Trader" and it was quite amazing. She knew the owner who came out and sat with us a while. We picked up sufficient quantities that Scout would be happy for a week.

We decided to sit a spell and visit.

Of course, Mary is not animated at all! She is a delight to watch!

The owner is also a Vet and a real nice guy! It was in the high nineties but we still stayed and talked for quite a while.