The Avalon Ball 2017

Take more chances, dance more dances....

The Adventure Begins

Welcome to the 15th Annual Avalon Ball where good friends meet and new friends are made!

Avalon Ball 2017

Who Are The Brave This Year?

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The Itinerary (You Are Welcome To Join OR Do Your Own Thing)

Page 3 Going Over

Friday departure from, Long Beach at 12:15 PM. We are traveling in the Commodore Lounge arriving at 1:15 PM in Avalon. We get great seats upstairs and a "free" drink!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
We can see for miles for atop the boat

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Snacks and good cheer all the way over and all the way back


Page 4 - Arrival And To The Roof

We walk about a mile (or take a cab) from the dock to the Villa Portofino Hotel located at 111 Crescent Ave, Avalon, CA 9070.  We have a wonderful view of the ocean. The hotel is beautiful and we consider the best in Catalina! The new management is outstanding and greeted us with open arms on our recent visit.

As soon as they see us, the arrange for ice and glasses on the patio because they know a "Von's Run" is only a few minutes away!

Check in, go to the room, unpack, freshen up and head for the patio!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Right on Crescent Street adjacent to the harbor

By 2:30 PM, after freshening up, several of us will make a "Von's Run" meaning we will pick up on snacks, wine, wine, wine, and other goodies bring them back to the Villa Portofino Patio on the top of the second floor. Von's is about 1000 feet from the hotel, handy, huh?

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
The stock up as they know we are coming

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
We have this part of the trip down to a science

Page 5 Dinner And Friday Evening

We stay on the patio until 4:55 PM after a couple of hours of serious cavorting have occurred.  Dinner is at 5:00 PM so we can hit the Catalina Nightlife.

We do the "Newbie Ceremony", which really does not happen but it makes the newbies worry a lot! The view from the patio is fantastic!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
A magnificent view of the harbor from the patio singing "Up On The Roof"

Visiting with friends and making new ones before dinner

Time for dinner means a long walk across the street to the Blue Water Grille where we have reservations for forty five people!  

We dine early so a) we get the best seats in the house and b) we can go off after dinner to the movies or dancing or ....? 

We made reservations to sit outside (bring a lite coat) but should the weather get cool, they will put us all inside! They do separate checks for us as some of us enjoy our wine and other libations more than others!

Right on the water

Dining in style! We have found through many trips to Catalina that the City of Avalon has outlawed those pesky calories... You can eat all you want!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Delicious dishes

Open evening... Movie, shopping, sight seeing... Your choice!

If you do not dance, the casino movie theater is open at 6:30 PM plus many of the shops and watering-holes are available!

The hall is beautiful inside

Page 6 Saturday Morning Golf and Other Activities

Saturday morning! Wake up sleepy heads! The hotel has a European Breakfast available in the lobby however a stroll up and down Crescent may reveal new places to try. We like the Waffle House.    We love the Sand Trap for breakfast!

Note: Some of us guys, get up early early and make a pre-breakfast breakfast!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Exploring the city for breakfast

Saturday morning and pre-patio, you are on your own! Tour/play golf/rest until it is "patio time" about 3:00!

Several of us "play golf" on the little nine hole course.   Right now we have the Zaitz, Henche's, Rodecker's, Liles' with arrangements.

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Surprises around every corder

You can take a cab or bus to the outback and see the real Catalina!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Fine dining at Maggies... Try the Lobster Enchiladas

This weekend there is a Silent File Festival in Avalon and this year is is Peter Pan circa 1924... Sound boring, think again! Award-winning composer and sound designer, Michael Mort ill a, and a group of the very best musicians in the nation will provide the live orchestral accompaniment. The group will perform an original score written by Mort Will specifically for this event.

Like to dress up? Attend the Silent Film Benefit in period dress and you could win a prize for best-dressed individual or best-dressed couple. A prize will also be awarded to the best character from the film. Judging will occur upon arrival.

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations

Page 7 To The Roof Pre-Dinner

Back to the patio... Don't be late. The wine and goodies are revisited along with stories of our adventures in Catalina.   Along toward 3:30 PM, we go to our rooms and get transformed into Tuxedos and Gowns and re-emerge from our cocoon's as very debonair couples from the 1930's!   We return tot he patio for picture taking time!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
On top of the world

We collected ourselves

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
So very relaxing

Page 8 Pre-Dance Dinner

4:30 PM Dinner time. Prepare for a long walk to the best restaurant in Avalon, The Ristorente Villa Portofino. Italian delights and they open early just for us! Oh, the long walk is 30 feet vertically... It's next door! They do separate checks for us!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Dinner is served

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Lamb... A House speciality

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Lobster ravoli

Page 9 To The Dance And Turn Back The Clock

It's 6:00 PM now and time to walk to the Casino where we turn back the clock. The cabs are running and available for us should we want to ride. We have reserved tables along the dance floor and they are awaiting our arrival.  There is an elevator available on request.

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
A stroll after dinner is excellent

Time to listen or dance to the big band of the 1920-1940's!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Oops... 1950's

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
We have ring side seats

It's tradition - The Conga Line

Page 11 Post Dance Snacks

It's 10:00 PM and dessert and nightcap time! Certainly! We return to the Ristorente Villa Portofino as they stay open for us and have a wide variety of libations and great after-the-dance desserts.

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
From the restaurant to the hotel us about 50 feet!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Dessert and giggles are served

Page 12 Sunday Morning/Return

It's Sunday! Good Morning again! Time so go on the hunt for breakfast (the hotel has some light snacks).   Remember, we are back to the 21st Century and we made it in one piece!

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
More exploring

Time to explore, visit, and get ready to head for the boat at 11:30 AM for the ride back to "civilization".

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
The pier is invigorating to the pallet

Our trusty steed await our arrival for the journey back home.  We arrived at 12:50 PM relaxed and waiting until next years adventure.

Avalon Ball 2017 preparations
Giddy-Up Go

On our way to the Avalon Ball May 19th 2017
Page 2 - Pre-Dance Planning Trip