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The Stage Is Set And It Is Time To Dance

Avalon Ball 2013

Did You Know?

From The Great Historian, "AJ" Saam*:

Arthur (Art) Deco, from whom the Art Deco movement gets its name, was a member of the ill-fated, and infamous, Donner Party. The Donner Party was trapped in the High Sierras during the winter of 1846 and resorted to cannibalism to survive, being too highly influenced by the new PETA movement to eat their own mules.

Although Mr Deco claimed he did not consume human flesh, this contention has come under considerable scrutiny after it was learned that Art Deco was the first person known to have uttered the phrase, "Tastes just like chicken".

Mr Deco later became allied with the famous western explorer Brigadier General Louis M. (Swifty) Frontage (frohn-tajh'), for whom, somewhat inexplicably, so many roads just off modern freeways are named.

It is said that Mr Deco provided General Frontage and his men with various types of meat that "Tasted just like chicken". This report has never been confirmed, although it is a well known fact that General Frontage claimed he had "never met a man he didn't like". Draw your own conclusions.

*AJ is a dear friend who we have known for years and is an extremely creative write and funny guy! He is always happy and sends the funniest things to us!

So... Who Is Going This Year???

Now in it's 11th year, the Avalon Ball is an fantastic journey into the past when Big Bands played for huge audiences which were broadcast to the nation in the Art Deco Casino Ballroom built in 1929 and located in the city of Avalon on Catalina Island.

Completely restored just a few years ago, the ballroom retains its original romantic style--a lavish medley of rose-hued walls, an arching, fifty-foot ceiling with five Tiffany chandeliers, an elevated stage, raised seating areas around the dance floor, and a vintage, full-service bar in back.

This magical night features an evening of dancing to music from the 1920s and 30s performed by Dean Mora & the Avalon Ball Dance Orchestra. Immerse yourself in glorious Deco opulence gliding across the 10,000 square foot dance floor surrounded by romantic ocean views.


Avalon Ball 2013
Click the picture for a full-sized image (2400px by 1800px)

The Art Deco Society of Los Angeles is a non-profit organization dedicated to the preservation and awareness of Art Deco as a major influence on the 20th century and beyond.

Since 1983, the Art Deco Society of Los Angeles has welcomed people with an interest in the many facets of Art Deco. More recently, we have refined our efforts into three major areas: education, preservation and socializing with other "Deco-Philes" in beautiful environments throughout the Los Angeles area. 

Our members are our most significant asset, supporting the organization with both time and money. The ADSLA has joined with local organizations, as well as Art Deco Societies around the world, to protect our architectural treasures and better educate the public on the importance of historic preservation to our communities at large. We believe it is important to preserve our Deco history for future generations to enjoy.

Page 2 - Trip Going Over

Summary: We all coagulated at the terminal at 1:00 so we could do some "meet and greet" before boarding the ship at 2:00 for our hour long wild-ride across the ocean!

Avalon Ball 2013
"Jeeves.... Please bring the ship around to the front door"

Avalon Ball 2013
This was NOT exactly what we all expected.....

Page 3 - Pre-Dinner Activities

Summary: Check-in and head for Von's to acquire adult beverages! We then headed to the patio to begin celebrations!

Avalon Ball 2013
The patio on the third floor of Villa Portofino Inn is "Our Place" this weekend!

Page 4 - Friday Dinner At "M"

Summary: We decided to go to "M" this evening.... The newest gourmet restaurant in Catalina. Dinner was so good we had to walk for a while and herd the calories!

Some of us went for a walk around the Casino and some people looked for a Jazz Band (the name is NOT provided to protect the innocent - right, Donna)

Avalon Ball 2013
Great food... Great service.... Great time

Avalon Ball 2013
After dinner we did a walk

Page 5 - Saturday Breakfast and Golf

Summary: Breakfast is a personal thing and we all did something different. Bob, Paul and Hans headed for Joe's at 6:30 and then we did it again when the girls got up.

Golf was golf.... As the Hencke's put it so well "Swingin' & Swearin'" . Hans and Roy joined the Henche's, Liles, and Zaitz for a great game.

Avalon Ball 2013
It was a magnificent morning

Avalon Ball 2013
The Henche's own this term... and it is true

Page 6 - To The Roof and Dinner

Summary: Up on the roof, again.... Sounds like a good name for a song! We gathered upstairs and get ready for the evening. We transition from grubbies to Tux N' Gowns.

Dinner was at the best Italian restaurant on earth... Ristorante Villa Portofino! The management and staff are outstanding making it feel like we were at home!

Avalon Ball 2013
Back to the patio to kill off the Von's Run goodies

Avalon Ball 2013
Gentlemen... Start your engines

Avalon Ball 2013
Ladies... You started their engines

Page 7 - The Avalon Ball Dance

Summary: The dance was a short walk away so from dinner to the ball was about 1/2 mile!

We moved from the 2010's to the 1930's in 10 minutes! A real Time Machine!

Avalon Ball 2013
We hit the floor running

Avalon Ball 2013
The Lindy Sisters delighted the audience

Avalon Ball 2013
Your happy hosts

Avalon Ball 2013
We be here... Twenty Six of us

Page 8 - After The Dance

Summary: We returned to the scene of the crime... What crime you ask? The acquisition of 1,000,000 calories of delicious food! The Ristorente Villa Portofino does an amazing job!

Avalon Ball 2013
After the dance our calorie count is low...
Ristorente Villa Portofino took care of that problem

Avalon Ball 2013
Time for a late evening stroll

Page 9 - Going Home

Summary: Darn! It is that time.... Time to head for home! We walked over to the dock and awaited the ship!

Avalon Ball 2013
Sam is up and at them at 7:00 am

Avalon Ball 2013
Leaving the hotel was "sad" but we had to go home

Avalon Ball 2013
On the boat....

Avalon Ball 2013

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