Christmas 2008 Events Listing

"It is not even the beginning of Christmas unless it is Christmas in the heart." -- Richard Roberts

The Calendar Is Full

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1st Monday
  • Four Christmas's Movie
  • See Kat Robinson
2nd Tuesday
  • Golf at Old Ranch with James
  • Irish Christmas (Cerritos Performing Arts Center)
3rd Wednesday
  • Golf at Old Ranch with James
  • Starlighters Board Meeting
4th Thursday
5th Friday
6th Saturday
7th Sunday
8th Monday
9th Tuesday
10th Wednesday
11th Thursday
12th Friday
13th Saturday
14th Sunday
15th Monday
16th Tuesday
17th Wednesday
18th Thursday
19th Friday
  • Golf with James & Tim
  • Crash and burn... an evening off!
20th Saturday
21st Sunday
22nd Monday
23rd Tuesday
24th Wednesday
25th Thursday
26th Friday
27th Saturday
28th Sunday
29th Monday
  • Golf (Yeah!)
30th Tuesday
  • Golf (Yeah!)
31st Wednesday
1st Thursday
2nd Friday
3rd Saturday
  • Carri leaves for New Mexico