Starlighters Winter Formal November 18th 2017

You can dance anywhere, even if only in your heart. ~Author Unknown

Time To Dance (Page Three)

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Keeping us coordinated

Getting the latest!

Last time this floor will be empty!

A little polka to warm up!

The ten-step is well underway

Did You Know? The Ten-Step

1. Touch out with left heel.
2. Bring left back together with right.
3. Touch back with right toe.
4. Bring right back together with left. (This can be done with a stomp)

5. Touch out with right heel
6. Cross right foot over in front of left leg.
7. Touch out with right heel.
8. Bring right back together with left.
9. Touch out with left heel.

10. Cross left foot over in front of right leg.
11. Polka steps forward left-right-left
12. Polka steps forward right-left-right
13. Polka steps forward left-right-left
14. Polka steps forward right-left-right

Looking good!

Round and round they go!

An elegant group indeed!

Jan and Arthur do the dip!

Did You Know? - The flyer usually balances herself. The flyer's body may be horizontal or vertical. There are many grips for bases. The base uses a one-handed grip if flyer is experienced. In performance, flyer may turn her torso sideways toward the audience or toward the base. In social dance, they flyer usually turns her torso toward the base. The lead can use a two-handed grip for inexperienced partners when social dancing.

"Oh my... I have never seen the ceiling before!"

Yorba Linda Country Club has an excellent dance floor

Time for a rest!

The dance floor ebbs and flows

Dancing the evening away... With speed!

Good ol' Rock and Roll

Craig studies the dance steps

Meeting and greeting goes on the entire time

The subject? Cars OR anything that moves!

Keeping her man handsome

Great fun!

Everybody gets into the act!

They look fantastic!

Now we are doing the stroll


Did You Know? - The Stroll was both a slow rock 'n' roll dance and a song that was popular in the late 1950s.[2]

Billboard first reported that "The Stroll" might herald a new dance craze similar to the "Big Apple" in December 1957.

"The Stroll" was written by Clyde Otis and Nancy Lee and was recorded by the Canadian group The Diamonds (Mercury 71242). The Diamonds' versions also featured a saxophone soloist.

The original version of the song reached #4 on the Billboard pop charts, #5 on the R&B charts, and #1 on the Cashbox charts.

In the dance two lines of dancers, men on one side and women on the other, face each other, moving in place to the music. Each paired couple then steps out and does a more elaborate dance up and down between the rows of dancers.

Dick Clark noted the similarity of the dance to the Virginia reel. It was first performed to "C. C. Rider" by Chuck Willis on American Bandstand. Link Wray's "Rumble" was also a popular tune for doing the stroll.

When 1950s nostalgia came to the forefront in the 1970s, The Stroll saw renewed public awareness. It was used in the film American Graffiti (1973) during the scene at the high school dance and is mentioned in some of the lyrics in the musical Grease.

Making the evening delightful

The mirror provided an interesting view

We mix Rock & Roll with the Stroll... Plenty of room!

Margot and Pat kick up their heels (and a lot of dust)

Penny for their thoughts!

Betcha the teens of today could not keep up with them!

Go Iris Go!

Jan and Arthur and out and about again!

Dori's daughter just made Vice President of a major health care
organization... Good job Mom!

Sue had to read the entire article...

The "die-hards" are still going!

Mary and Arthur trip the light fantastic

Kerstin and Hans... A dashing couple!

It's approaching bewitching hour... We must go back to reality!

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