The 1950's; If it Didn't Go, Chrome It

It Was A Great Time To Be Alive!


Anyone in this planet could only dream of owning any one of these cars. Please let me intoduce two people that restored every one of these cars and still retain ownership to  every one. Ted and Sharon (Sunflower) Forbes live in Sook B.C. which is on the southern tip of Vancouver Island.  This collection is without a doubt the absolute finest collection of fifties cars in the World. I will endeavour through mere photographs to display this incredible collection of beauty on this webpage.


1956 Ford Skyliner
1956 Ford Skyliner (Glasstop) 

1956 Meteor
1956 Meteor Crown Victoria

1955 Meteor Convertible
1955 Meteor Convertible 

Meteor Convertible
1956 Meteor Convertible Meteors.

1956 Pickup
 1956 Mercury M-100 Pickup 

55 Merc Sun Valley
55 Merc Sun Valley.

56 Mercury Montclair Convertible
56 Mercury Montclair Convertible.

955 Mercury Convertible
1955 Mercury Convertible

1958 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible.
 1958 Pontiac Parisienne Convertible.  

966 Park Lane convertible
 1966 Park Lane convertible.   This is a Canadian built, bucket seat car in which only a handful were made.

  64 Park Lane
The 64 Park Lane convertible is a good old 78,000 mile car, with all good parts to restore it. It is a full power, bucket seat car with super marauder engine and rare 15" wheels. I have cast iron headers and tri-power for it.

1958 Mercury Convertible
 1958 Mercury Convertible

59 Impala
59 Impala

59 Edsel
1959 Edsel Convertible