2011 Avalon Ball Golf Page Five

Time for a little golf...

Let's Hit The Greens... Before They Hit Us

Headem up, Move 'um out

Bob wanted to know why they would not allow him to use his own cart

The Blue Team is ready t go

Love the hat Herbie

Warming Up

Donna observes the activities

The range boy picks up the balls

Nope! He has a laser zapper

We are lined up to start

"Say what???"


The driving range

Let The Game Begin


M-m-m-m-m This is a tricky hole

The ball literally flew over the edge and landed in front of the green

John got the ball over the edge.... We think

It's battery powered so they have to make the putt-putt sounds manually

Oh oh...

We Finally Made It To The Fairways

Watch out on the green

Casey is up to bat The crowds are quiet

Flowers Lined The Course

The flowers are beautiful

We heard the squeeling of brakes and smell of burnt rubber.... John was at the wheel

Shirely decides jogging is safer

Hotrod John

Yeah Irene.... Green on eight....

"No... You may not have my snacks"

Bob makes a great shot onto the green

Green NOT happy about this situation

Ground Squirrel watches carefully

Did You Know? - The ground squirrels are those members of the Sciuridae most closely related to the genus Marmota. They make up the tribe Marmotini in the large and mainly terrestrial squirrel subfamily Xerinae, and containing six living genera. Well-known members of this largely Holarctic group are the marmots (Marmota), including the American groundhog, the chipmunks, the susliks (Spermophilus), and the prairie dogs (Cynomys). They are highly variable in size and habitus, but most are remarkably able to rise up on their hind legs and stand fully erect comfortably for prolonged periods. They also tend to be far more gregarious than other squirrels and many live in colonies with complex social structure.


Winner of the "Fat Boy" content

Paul worries about the trip back

We made it..... Time for the roof

Let's Head For The Roof   --->