Old Glory

The Hollywood Loud Mouths Are Not In Reality

"America will never seek a permission slip to defend the security of our country."

Hollywierd Weenies

Stay away from their products to send them a message.... Every time you see their products you provide a platform for them to speak out.  Shut them up!

Ed Asner, A Stupid Old Man


Looney Clooney

Sheryl Crow; A Great Thinker In Her Own Mind

Michael Moore, Scan Artist Par Excellence!

Jane Foldler, Fell Outta Bed Once Too Often!

Garofalo, Brain Child With IQ Approaching 20!

Richard Gene, Top In His Acting School But Never Graduated High School!

Danny Glover Seemed Like A Reasonable Person But Has Bias Stamped On His Forehead!

"Woodie" Harrelson, To Stupid To Be Believable

Jessica Lange Is Embarassing; Move Your Tiny Ass Out Of The Country!





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